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Choreographer Beth Jucovy Presents Multi-Disciplinary Art Film EVENING

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The film will be shown as site-specific versions for three landmark venues.

Choreographer Beth Jucovy Presents Multi-Disciplinary Art Film EVENING

Originally intended to be a poetry/dance work performed in nature, "Evening" has instead been created as a multi-disciplinary art film, encompassing poetry, dance, art, and nature. It is derived from the last of three sections (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) of an original poem by Kyra Jucovy, daughter of the choreographer. The poem depicts a journey that follows a river from its source in caves. The river continues through the springs, all the way to the mouth of the ocean. Evening is the part of the poem in which the river gradually flows down to the mouth of the ocean, and a philosophical dilemma ensues. It illustrates the cyclical nature of so many aspects of our world and has particular relevance today, with its theme of endings that lead to beginning anew.

The work's motivating force throughout are the words, with actor Tzena Nicole serving as the voice and unifying presence, expressing the widely varying emotions experienced by the protagonist as she works through her dilemma with her companion(s). The choreography is inspired by the Isadora Duncan aesthetic and philosophical approach, which are fully complementary to the poem, and the dancers embody the narration. The film incorporates a variety of sounds and background music as well as imagery and video clips from nature. Footage was recorded at the beautiful outdoor spaces of the three presenting organizations and additionally performers recorded at outdoor spaces that they could access during the pandemic in NYC and various states throughout the country. The movement therefore takes place in a wide variety of natural and human-made locales, broadening the scope of the film and incorporating a picture of the nation in the pandemic summer of 2020. Evening reads like a book, with chapters that can stand on their own but are ultimately informed by all that went before.

Dance Visions NY, Inc., originally founded in 1990, is Long Island's celebrated dance company that brings Isadora Duncan's artistic legacy into the present through the performance of Duncan repertory as passed on to Artistic Director Beth Jucovy, through her 2nd-generation Duncan mentors. The Company also presents original works, influenced by the aesthetic, that take on a different form in the modern world.


EVENING: A Mosaic of Poetry, Dance, Art and Nature: Finding one's way in a universe where destruction and creation are inextricably intertwined

Concept, choreography, and direction: Beth Jucovy

Poem: written by Kyra Jucovy

Actor: Tzena Nichole

Dancers: Louisa Cathcart, Ligia Gaissionok, Beth Jucovy, Albena Kervanbashieva, Hope Kroog, Rebekah Mulkey, Michelle Tilghman

Music: collage including Erik Satie, Jóhann Jóhannssohn, Bedrich Smetana, Olafur Arnalds, and an original piece by Fehmi Aslan

Dance Visions NY presents "Evening," a multi-disciplinary film based on the "Evening" section of the poem, "The Subject and Power."

The film will be shown as site-specific versions for three landmark venues:

November 7&8, 7:30 PM Saturday through 10 PM Sunday



November 21&22, 7:30 PM Saturday through 10 PM Sunday

Sands Point Preserve


December 12&13, 7:30 PM Saturday through 10 PM Sunday

Elmont Public Library


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