Tuvan Throat Singers Alash Ensemble Brings A LITTLE TASTE OF ASIA II to Lancaster's Ware Center Tonight

Tuvan Throat Singers Alash Ensemble Brings A LITTLE TASTE OF ASIA II to Lancaster's Ware Center Tonight

Tonight, February 23, 7 PM The Ware Center will host "A Little Taste of Asia ll". In an extremely rare appearance in the U.S., the world-renowned Tuvan throat singers Alash Ensemble -- superstars in their home in Siberia -- are masters of their art. Music from China Duo opens the bill.

Tuvan throat singing is a remarkable technique that enables one singer to sing multiple pitches at the same time. Imagine if you will several voices filling the stage...a second glance reveals that the song is a solo performance. This unique to its area technique has been handed down generation to generation for hundreds of years. Republic of Tuva is located in south-central Siberia in Russia.

Alash are deeply committed to traditional Tuvan music and culture. At the same time, they are fans of western music. Believing that traditional music must constantly evolve, the musicians subtly infuse their songs with western elements, creating their own unique style that is fresh and new, yet true to their Tuvan musical heritage.

In America, Alash has performed sold-out concerts at Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. They've also taken Tuvan culture into the classroom, performing concerts for thousands of school students.

Music from China Duo, which opens the show, is a chamber ensemble that performs a dual repertoire of traditional and contemporary Chinese music. Innovative works mixing Chinese and Western instruments form part of this exciting repertoire. Music from China Duo has performed over 111 new works by 67 composers.

Ticket Information: These events are open to the public. Tickets cost $20 for reserved and $5 for students. Tickets may be purchased by calling the Ticket Office at 717-872-3811 or 717-871-2308. Online, at millersville.edu/muarts. Or, in person at The Ware Center Box Office. Tickets are also on sale - if still available - one hour prior to the performance. Seats are limited. Advance ticket reservations are strongly encouraged.