The UUA Bookstore Presents A NUN ON THE BUS by Sister Simone Campbell

The UUA Bookstore Presents A NUN ON THE BUS by Sister Simone Campbell

"If there's a single phrase to describe Sister Simone, it is 'compassionate conviction.' With bravery, with courage, with optimism, she is focused on the common good. She is a champion for the cause of peace and justice. She has the will and the drive to do right." -Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

A Nun on the Bus

By Sister Simone Campbell

In the summer of 2012, Sister Simone Campbell and fellow Roman Catholic nuns toured the country to rally support against Congressman Paul Ryan's budget, a plan that cut vital social programs for the poor and middle class.

Sister Simone became a galvanizing force for progressives of all stripes and remains a driving force for programs and policies that support faith, family, and fairness.

This book offers powerful, inspiring stories from the Nuns on the Bus tour and from Sister Simone's own life, giving readers a fresh vision for a lived spirituality that is at the heart of today's progressive religious movements for social change.

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The Unitarian Universalist Association was honored to welcome Sister Simone Campbell at General Assembly in Providence, RI, this year. She gave the Ware Lecture and inspired audiences with her encouragement that, to seek justice in our world, people of faith must "walk towards trouble." Watch the full lecture here.