'The Engrafted Word of God' is Released

'The Engrafted Word of God' is Released

Alta Loma, CA

People all over the world are in a frantic search. A search for a deeper meaning to life, not knowing that the answers to their problems are found in the Bible, the Holy Scriptures created by God as a lifeline to his beloved children. In "The Engrafted Word of God" author PJ Minchew has created a truly enlightening book that delves into the true meaning of God's holy word.

"The Engrafted Word of God" is an inspiring read by author PJ Minchew. Using her own spiritual experiences in life, Minchew shows readers how the holy scriptures influenced her life, and how it enabled her to overcome the many obstacles in her way. The book consists of almost 13 years worth of documentation on her life and the many spiritual challenges and triumphs she experienced. It was created by the author to spread the holy word, and to tell believers to never fear, for everything was foretold in the scriptures and all the misfortunes in one's life is all according to God's plan.

This illuminating read is excellent for study groups and personal fulfillment. "The Engrafted Word of God" is a must have for all believers.

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About the Author

In her darkest hour when all was lost, PJ Minchew was pulled from the darkness and nourished for awhile, from the face of the serpent. In the beginning of her studies of the Holy Scriptures, she was filled with the Holy Spirit that was promised to all them that believed. As her light shined, power took hold of her.

She began a spiritual quest for wisdom and understanding, that took her back through the ages of the ancient times, searching Sacred Writings. Her hand became the ready writer, guided by the Spirit of God. As the glorious work piled upon her desk, many years past, these were but a moment. Her love grew for the creation as the love of the Creator grew in her . She knew in this time, that all should read the deep thoughts of God. With the Father's help, she put these precious writings in this book and named it Engrafted in the Word of God.

The Engrafted Word of God* by PJ Minchew
Publication Date: February 12, 2014
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 286 pages; 9781493160471
e-book; $3.99; 9781493160488

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