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The Encounter with the Supernatural Orange Being Actually Happened

My Supernatural Encounter with the Orange Being is packed with engaging true stories guaranteed hard to put down. The author begins by sharing several supernatural childhood experiences that included learning her sister was possessed and given away, using a Ouija board to communicate with the dead, camping in a haunted area in Hong Kong, and gradually realizing she had been gifted with a sixth sense. As she reveals how her gift allowed her to know about an upcoming fire in her apartment building, hear the voice of her car accident, and encounter unbelievable sights such as an orange being, Bi also shares how she found gratitude for the important messages communicated to her through dreams.
An added feature that is rare in paranormal/spiritual books is the inclusion of ten illustrations done by the author. Printed in black and white, Bi, in fact, detailed them originally in color. Please check out the following link for the slide show of the illustrations: and the book trailer:

The author was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to British Columbia, Canada, when she was eighteen. Her interest in the supernatural world began during her childhood, and eventually led her to discovering her own sixth sense. Bi believes that sharing life experiences and what is beyond our consciousness can be powerful and healing not just for her, but also for others who may have a desire to do the same. She sensed that there was a calling for her to write this book to let people know that our lives extend far beyond our physical bodies.

My Supernatural Encounter with the Orange Being is already released and is available everywhere. Find your copy online or at a bookseller near you. Please visit her website:

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