The China Tea Book Now Available - Features History & Best Practices

Tea is the world's most popular beverage (behind water) and connoisseurs savor its heritage and preparation as much as its soothing properties and delicious taste. The China Tea Book sensuously transports you into tea culture with gorgeous visuals and approachable descriptions.

Tea is a beverage steeped in more than five thousand years of history, and it all began in China. Kettle-boiled tea in the Tang Dynasty, powdered tea during the Song, pressed cake in the Ming-the history of tea is as diverse as the varietals themselves. Whether green, oolong, or black, each tea has a unique personality. As the tea trade took off in the sixteenth century, the associated health benefits of the drink and the cultural significance of tea serving spread throughout the world. Author Luo Jialin is an acclaimed authority on tea ceremony and a master tea maker. His poetic and learned insights, and the book's accompanying sublime photographs and lavish illustrations, make The China Tea Book a truly luxurious experience.

The etiquette of tea drinking and the art of tea brewing may be centuries old, but understanding their history and the culture from which they sprang leads to a deeper appreciation of the now ubiquitous drink. Designed for leisurely reading, yet eminently practical, The China Tea Book is sure to enchant Chinophiles and tea-lovers alike.

Luo Jialin holds an MFA from Peking University and is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Ljubljana of Slovenia. An expert in tea ceremony, he won certification as the tea-making master from Taiwan Luyu Tea Culture Institute. He lives in Beijing, China.

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