The Book of Manfred Popp Helps Improve Your Health

The Book of Manfred Popp Helps Improve Your Health

Are you concerned about your health? The blood pressure is too high? You are struggling with your weight or you do not feel fit?

If so, then you should read this book. It offers you a practical step-by-step guide to improve your health and fitness.

Over a period of nine years, from an age of 64 up to 73, the author practiced the guidelines published in the book himself. Now, he benefits from the impressing results:

  • He has lost approximately 45 pounds.
  • The upper blood pressure remains stable in the "healthy" range.
  • The lower blood pressure also moves in the "healthy" range.
  • The pulse rate has leveled in an optimal range.
  • The general health condition has improved significantly.
  • The physical condition is much better than before.

The key to success was an increased, but still reasonable, physical exercise combined with a healthy died. After nine years the health of the author improved significantly - without any additional medication.

In sum the author is convinced that his program also works for other "best agers" as well as for younger peoples.