THE SHERIFF OF WHISKEY HOLLOW by Mark Ryno is Available Now

THE SHERIFF OF WHISKEY HOLLOW by Mark Ryno is Available Now

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear ..." - so began each radio episode of The Lone Ranger.

That's an appropriate introduction to Absolutely Amazing eBooks' latest title, The Sheriff of Whiskey Hollow. This Western adventure is the first book of Mark Ryno, a well-know radio personality who has always been fond of playing Cowboys 'n Indians.

However, these days Ryno plays it out on his computer, spinning new yarns about sheriffs and bad guys and cowpokes and saloonkeepers and ranchers' daughters.

His debut novel tells of Sheriff Frederick Henry, an old lawman who's determined to bring in an ornery outlaw named George Peele.

As Ryno describes the hero of this piece: "Now Frederic Henry was Whiskey Hollow's Sheriff and Justice of the Peace and Chief Mediator. He was a smart man. Maybe the smartest man in the Hollow. That's why he kept getting elected sheriff every couple of years unopposed. No one was ever crazy enough to run against ol Frederic Henry, or as people around the Hollow called him, just plain old Fred."

He has these words for the bad guy: "Most people are of the believe that George Peele was just born bad. But the truth is nobody paid much attention to little George. When he was born in 1820, parents were more concerned with their pigs than their kids ... At 17, George Peele was an orphan. His two older sisters tried to help but they had both married and moved away. By then George had been arrested and jailed more times than you can count. All petty crimes ... theft, fighting, drunkenness. But that all changed for George on one hot, miserable day in August of 1839."

The plot will remind you a tad of 3:10 to Yuma, a villain being brought to justice against all odds. But Ryno tells his story in an easy-to-like voice that's all his own. You'll find it to be a good read.

Born in a small town in Upstate NY, Mark Ryno grew up in a tranquil setting. After graduating high school, he moved to South Texas where he established a career in radio and writing. After 22 years of writing radio commercials while honing his on-air skills and a talent for public speaking, he decided to sit down and write a Western. The Whiskey Hollow in the book was located near where the author grew up.

The Sheriff of Whiskey Hollow is available as an ebook (Kindle, Nook, etc.) or as a sturdy 6" x 9" paperback. Simply go and look under Westerns. Or you can grab your copy on, downloading it in seconds.

The ebook is priced at only $3.99; the paperback at $14.95 ... less than the cost of lunch with a pal at McDonald's.

"I'm partial to Westerns," says H.L. Osterman, editor of Zane Grey's Two-Gun Tales. "And I can tell you Mark Ryno just went to the top of my reading list."

Mark Ryno simply responds, "This is all very exciting..."