THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PR by Jennefer Witter is Now Available

By: Sep. 29, 2014

Public relations is vital to getting the right kind of attention for a small business-the kind that keeps business booming. Yet, few small business owners have time to read tomes on public relations theories or resources to commit to dynamic-sounding PR maneuvers that wind up creating a whole lot of confusion.

Over her decades of experience in public relations, Jennefer Witter has learned exactly what works to get a small business the right kind of attention-big time. In THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed (AMACOM; September 2014; $9.95 Paperback ISBN: 9780814436219; $7.95 eBook ISBN: 9780814434376), Jennefer cuts straight to the PR essentials every small business owner-whether a start-up entrepreneur or a veteran facing fierce competition-needs to know and act on. Writing as one small business owner helping out another, the author shares her wealth of nuts-and-bolts PR tips. They're all simple to grasp, easy on the budget, ready to implement, and proven effective at making a small business outstanding in the eyes of coveted clients and valuable customers. For anyone eager to use public relations as a business-building tool, Jennefer promises "This book tells you where to go, in the nicest sense."

With a priority on critical information and concrete results, THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PR covers public relations' seven key elements. After a concise introduction, readers will dive right into practical tips and must-dos for getting the most out of each. They include:

· Self-Branding, a powerful tool for communicating a small business owner's uniqueness, mission, and edge on the competition. PR Tip: You need to live your self-brand. Reinforce your personal brand statement-who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently from others-at networking events and in media interviews. Make sure everything written about you, from your professional bio to your LinkedIn page, is in sync with your brand.

· Media Relations, which doesn't necessarily mean striving for a coup like The Wall Street Journal. PR Tip:When selecting press outlets to target, always ask: Is this what your industry influencers and customers are reading? "It's not about where you want to be," Jennefer stresses. "It's about getting the press that will provide you with the highest returns."

· Social Media, something every entrepreneur should be using-strategically-because virtually everyone is online. PR Tip: Decide what your objective is in using social media. Then, decide which social media tool to use. (Pinterest may be all the rage, but will "pinning" pay off for your business?) PR tips also touch on Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, effective posting, and how to get a big social media return by spending as little as 30 minutes per day.

· Networking, a tool that truly opens doors to more business-especially in our ferociously competitive world. PR Tip: Be network-smart. First, determine your goal. Is it to build your brand, source out business, investigate a new field? Then, do some research to identify the influential groups that can help you the most. "It's not size that matters, it's quality," Jennefer says. "All you need to make a difference is that one connection."

Small business owners will also find pointers on speaking engagements, cause-related marketing, and, if they need a professional's help, selecting a PR agency or consultant. Featuring real-world case studies and sample content (such as media pitches) that readers can use as is or modify to fit their needs, THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PRgives entrepreneurs an insider's advantage on getting the kind of attention to keep their business thriving and growing.

About the Author

JENNEFER WITTER, a 30+-year PR veteran, is CEO and founder of The Boreland Group Inc. (, a boutique public relations agency headquartered in New York City with a presence in Washington, D.C. She has been quoted as a PR expert in major media outlets, including the Associated Press, and presented on public relations topics at venues such as The Power Conference, 85 Broads, and GlobalWIN. In 2013, Jennefer was ranked as one of the top ten black CEOs and entrepreneurs in the nation byMadameNoire magazine.


100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed

Author: Jennefer Witter, with Foreword by Janet Hanson, Founder, 85 Broads

Pub. Date: September 2014

Price/Format: $9.95 Paperback; $7.95 eBook

ISBN: 978-0-8144-3621-9 Paperback; 978-0-8144-3437-6 eBook



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