Self-Help Author of 'WHEN ANGELS DIE' to Lead Discussion at MACE Conference, 6/7

Self-Help Author of 'WHEN ANGELS DIE' to Lead Discussion at MACE Conference, 6/7

A young single mother's world forever changed when she was raped and left for dead in her own home in July 1993. She survived, but her entire family was left with scars that took years to heal.

Caroline de Chavigny, author of the self-help book "When Angels Die," will share her story at Ministers Against Child Exploitation Conference 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 7, at MiracleLand Church, 7427 Martin Luther King Blvd., in Houston. The author will discuss post-traumatic stress disorder and the healing process, and "When Angels Die" offers hope and guidance to those affected by rape and other traumas.

MACE, which stands for Ministers Against Child Exploitation, is hosted by Yolanda E. Brown Ministries. "Everyone is Someone's Child" is the theme of this year's event and several seminars and training sessions are planned.

De Chavigny also will sell and sign copies of "When Angels Die" at the conference.

Like many survivors, it was many years before de Chavigny found the professional therapy that helped her family truly heal. Because she couldn't find a book that offered a guide to rebuilding one's life after a rape, de Chavigny chose to write "When Angels Die."

"It's so difficult for anyone who has been a crime victim to know what to do and how to deal with the flood of questions and fears that surface," de Chavigny said. "It takes time, but it's possible for crime victims to become strong survivors."

"When Angels Die" recently won honorable mentions from San Francisco Book Festival and the Paris Book Festival. The mentions were in the biography/autobiography categories.

"When Angels Die," published by Banney House Publications, is available at and The author's other books, "A Sparrow's Sad Song" and "Merry Birthday," are children's fiction; she also will sell and sign those books at the conference.

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About Caroline de Chavigny
Author Caroline de Chavigny was born in Montreal, Canada, and has a bachelor's degree in business. Through her latest book, "When Angels Die," de Chavigny aims to share how she overcame post-traumatic stress disorder after a vicious criminal attack, and she offers hope to others facing their own transitions from crime victims to survivors.

Her desire to help others also led her write children's books, including "A Sparrow's Sad Song" and "Merry Birthday." Her style of writing comes straight from the heart.

All of de Chavigny's books are published by Banney House Publications. To order any of de Chavigny's books, go to or to