Roselyn Jewell Announces Publication of her Second Book, 'The Family Garden'

Roselyn Jewell Announces Publication of her Second Book, 'The Family Garden'

Roselyn Jewell, a soon to be well known name in romance, debuted her second book on July 15th. It is called "The Family Garden." "The Family Garden" is available in Kindle and paperback form on Amazon, both the US and UK sites. It's a great read about the reality of family and the struggles we all face in our lives.

"The Family Garden" features quite a few prominent characters, who have a wide range of personalities. Samantha and Richard are the parents, and they have three grown children. Both parents and all children go through different struggles and major life events throughout the book. Some make them grow closer and stronger as a family, and some make the family fall apart at the seams. This is a book that is relatable to absolutely anyone, because everyone has a family, whether it be parents, siblings, spouse, friends, etc. and everyone also has gone through some sort of major life event at one time or another and can relate to all of the emotions that are experienced throughout this book.

"The Family Garden" is available at It is priced at $2.99 and is approximately 167 pages long.

About Roselyn Jewell
Roselyn Jewell enjoys writing everything from clean romances with great plots to books that would make even sailors blush! Roselyn's husband enjoys helping her "research," her children will never know about her novels, and her many siblings will never let her live them down! She currently has 3 books published, and over 15 other books in various stages of publication, so stay tuned for more.

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