Rewild Your Gut With Stella Metsovas' 'Wild Mediterranean': A Cookbook and Resource for Restoring a Healthy Microbiome

HARRISBURG, Pa., Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Why is Prebiotin prebiotic fiber listed as a resource in what at first glance is a visually stunning new cookbook written by Stella Metsovas, a globally recognized clinical nutritionist?

Rather than writing just another cookbook, Stella, a media health expert and specialist in food science and human nutrition, wanted to describe an optimal approach to developing a healthy microbiome. Her new book shares the name of her health philosophy, "Wild Mediterranean."

The cookbook features over 50 delicious Paleo-meets-Mediterranean recipes chosen for their prebiotic food ingredients, as well as a simple 6-day, 2-phase detox cleanse protocol for preparing the gut to heal. She also packs her book with key lifestyle practices and health tips to support overall wellness and the scientific evidence to back it all up.

By following the Wild Mediterranean approach, "You'll create more biodiversity in the microbiome," says Stella, "which is essential to a healthy gut, one of our greatest allies in the quest for good health." The motto that she lives by: "Change your gut and you can change your life."

Along with foods containing prebiotic fiber, Stella strongly recommends adding inulin-based supplements, like Prebiotin, to one's diet. "We are grateful that she understands the impact and health benefits of our prebiotic fiber," says Prebiotin CEO Ron Walborn, Jr.

"Your gut is home to trillions of cells that literally feed your brain, hormones, and body," Stella explains in her book. "The key to great digestive health lies in rewilding the gut and keeping the diverse microbes that inhabit it happy and thriving."

The best approach to keep healthful microbes thriving? "Prebiotic fibers are an important part of gut healthif not the most importantperhaps more so even than probiotic-rich foods," says Stella. By following the Wild Mediterranean way, "It's easy to build healthy intestinal flora in your system and cultivate a healthy microbiome to banish bloating, discomfort, and irregularity forever," she says.

Metsovas integrated the knowledge she gained during her 10 years in private practice and her travels around the world with the United Nations in their "Food for Work" program, experiencing the lifestyles and diets of the Blue Zone longevity villages firsthand.

Drawing on her Greek heritage, Stella called her approach to gut health, "Wild Mediterranean." She advocates a return to a simpler lifestyle, plenty of outdoor activities, and village-to-table recipes prepared with whole foods at the peak of their seasonality, flavored with olive oil and spices, and unadulterated by modern food additives.

"The Wild Mediterranean lifestyle is composed of those basics," says Stella. "Innately, in stripping things down to their simplest practices...we are benefitting our health at the deepest, most crucial level."

Whether she is giving cooking tips on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family program or contributing to publications from Glamour to Men's Health magazine, her message is consistent: return to the kitchen to share meals with family and friends; say "no" to processed foods, microwaved meals, and other "timesavers"; know where your food comes from; and if possible, grow your own vegetables.

She urges her followers to say "yes to simply (and quickly) prepared meals with a few quality ingredients"like those in Wild Mediterranean.

Stella refers to this approach "age-old, science-new," since her recommendations are based on the latest research in health and nutrition. She explains, "You won't find any suggestions that will make you feel deprived or joyless. On the contrary, this new approach to healthy living is meant to give you moremore foods to eat, more options for how to nourish your body and feel amazingmore ways to have fun and enjoy life."

Please join us for theWild Mediterranean Twitter Party co-hosted by Prebiotin and Week99er onSeptember 30, 2017 at Noon EST/9 am PSTfor an hour of great information, fun and prizes as well as an opportunity to chat with Mediterranean Diet expertStella Metsovas, author ofWild Mediterranean! Follow Prebiotin onTwitterand visit their blog:

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