People Tested Publications Releases ESTATE PLANNING

People Tested Publications Releases ESTATE PLANNING

Oviedo, FL

People Tested Publications has just released its latest book in their "What's the Deal With..?" book series. This new book, which addresses the vital topic of estate planning, is called "What's the Deal with Estate Planning?" and it's authored by noted expert in the field, and author of 11 books, Peggy R. Hoyt.

Jack Tatar, Publisher of People Tested Publications says, "I'm proud to have our latest book authored by Peggy R. Hoyt, who is not only a leading practicing estate planning attorney and author of 11 books on the topic, but has been a leading voice in addressing the current challenges of estate planning. Her approach to estate planning is innovative and focused on the individual and their family, rather than on the paperwork involved. That's why she's well suited to address the current topics of same sex couples, including pets in your estate planning and the recent tax law changes into this highly informative and accessible book."

Peggy is a founding partner of The Law Offices of Hoyt & Bryan, a family wealth and legacy planning law firm specializing in wills, trusts and estates and elder law. She is a three-time Stetson University graduate receiving her B.B.A., cum laude, in 1981, her M.B.A. in 1982 and her J.D., cum laude, in 1993.

Peggy practices in the areas of family wealth and legacy counseling, including trust and estate planning and administration, elder law, small business creation, succession and exit planning, real estate transactions and animal law. In addition to her law degree, she holds a Florida real estate license. She serves as a certified FINRA Arbitrator and is also a Florida Circuit Court Mediator concentrating in family business, elder law and estate matters along with the resolution of pet disputes. Peggy holds Board Certifications from the Florida Bar in both Wills, Trusts, and Estates and Elder Law.

Peggy is an active public speaker at the local, regional and national levels on estate planning and elder law topics including pet planning, special needs planning and planning for unmarried couples and same sex partners. She maintains a number of specialty blogs and writes regularly for WealthCounsel and the Examiner. Peggy has been featured on CNN Financial News, the Wall Street Journal and the Orlando Sentinel for her work in pet planning.

Her new book addresses the topics that are vital to consider when planning for their own, or a family member's, estate. These topics include the importance of planning for mental disability, long term care considerations, wills, trusts, considerations for the involvement of family members, unique planning concerns such as handicapped family members, considerations for same sex couples, tax planning and how to ensure the well being of your pets after your death.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit or email media(at)peopletested(dot)com.