Newly published book uncomplicates Bitcoin. In 46 seconds. Really.

Actually, 45.9245 seconds.

TORONTO, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Brett A. Russell's debut book, Understanding Bitcoin in 46 Seconds, is focused on the new breed of Bitcoin users - the financial professionals and business influencers who have no interest in merkle trees, secure hash algorithms or cryptographic signatures, but who, because they task themselves with understanding money, are now compelled to turn their attention to Bitcoin. Sadly, many of these professionals, witnessing attacks on Bitcoin by their peers, are somewhat perplexed bycy Wall Street leaders screaming fraud and stodgy old billionaire business magnates suggesting it's a mirage.

Business and financial leaders, advisors, accountants, and the plethora of money-mentors who have not taken the time to embrace Bitcoin must be shaking their collective heads as mainstream media headlines unceasingly remind us that anyone who invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 would be worth well over $100 million today.

Available in paperback or Kindle onAmazon, this reader-friendly book delivers the foundation for understanding Bitcoin in one 46 second chapter, and uses the remaining seven chapters to drill down into all aspects of Bitcoin including mining, transactions, blockchain, wallet types, acquiring, securing and storing Bitcoin, and finally, one of the most asked questions, "why does Bitcoin have value?". The book includes many unavoidable technical descriptions, but clearly warns the reader, "Caution: Bitcoin Crevasse", noting that it is completely optional reading.

This book succeeds where other Bitcoin introductory books fail. It does not assume the reader has had previous encounters with cryptocurrencies, and it in no way makes them feel that the absence of coding or cryptography skills will prevent them from joining the Bitcoin revolution.

This is a simple, quick and effective Bitcoin orientation. Purchase your copy of Understanding Bitcoin in 46 Seconds today!

It includes an awesome foreword by Kyle Kemper, Advisor and Executive Director of the Blockchain Association of Canada.

There are no Bitcoin rabbit holes in this book!

About Brett Russell

Brett Russell is a veteran of the Bitcoin industry and the Founder and CEO of BIGbtc, Ltd., Bitcoin Integration Group, a Toronto Canada based Bitcoin payments integration company established in early 2014. He is a serial entrepreneur having started and participated in numerous business ranging from automotive to VOIP Telecommunications/IT and continues developing and investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain projects.


SOURCE Brett A. Russell, Publisher

Newly published book uncomplicates Bitcoin. In 46 seconds. Really.

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