New Teen Novel BIG FOOT ADVENTURES DOWN UNDER by Maggie Meyer is Released

New Teen Novel BIG FOOT ADVENTURES DOWN UNDER by Maggie Meyer is Released

According to the Australian Yowie Research, Yowies, the Australian Big Foot, have been sighted all over the country since 18th century colonialism. Dinosaur fossils were studied by the Greeks and Romans. Rarely have these two ever been linked to one another, but Maggie Meyer may be starting a new trend. Written with the help of Joan Small, "Big Foot Adventures Down Under: Book One in the Series 'Spirits Alive'" (published by Xlibris) invites readers to join five teens on a thrilling ride back in time where the origins of man evolved right alongside the dinosaurs.

Meyers describes the first novel of the series as "Indiana Jones meets Jurassic Park for young adults." The adventure begins when Australian bush native Kyle Jackson, determined to finish his father's search for the mythical Yowie, leads his four friends into the Blue Mountain wilderness. Following a map from museum curator, Roy McGilvary, the five teens enter a cave, but the farther in they go, the farther they go back in time. When they emerge, they are in the ancient Wollemi Pine Forest where Yowies and dinosaurs coexist. There is little time to celebrate. The group is separated, and it's going to take all their strength and courage to make it back to the outside world.

The novel artfully blends anthropology and paleontology with engaging characters that readers will root for until the end. The book's museum curator is loosely based off Rex Gilroy, the famed adventurer of the Australian bush and Yowie researcher.

The character development sets a high standard for the following "Spirits Alive" books. Of her teen heroes, Meyer writes, "Their resourcefulness is repeatedly challenged. After some testing times, the teens overcome the many obstacles with the help of a blend of their knowledge of 'bush-craft' and home-grown 'bush magic.'"

Meyer was recently featured as a guest blogger on "The Huffington Post," describing herself as a "self-confessed Lost-World and Cryptid junkie." Her post can be found at

"Big Foot Adventures Down Under"
By Maggie Meyer
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781479745470
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781479745463
E-Book | 246 pages | ISBN 978147974548-7
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Maggie Meyer has a degree in political science and history from the University of New South Wales. She has had a long term interest in anthropology and the origins of early man. On reading about the exploits of Rex and Heather Gilroy, she was inspired to be instrumental in bringing about a book that will lead readers into the lost worlds of Australia's very own Jurassic/Cretaceous past.

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