New Poetry Collection Marks Inspiring Moments in History

New Poetry Collection Marks Inspiring Moments in History

Lattice Boykin McKoy was inspired to write her new book, "Marked Moments" (published by Trafford Publishing) after listening to President Barack Obama's speeches during his first presidential candidacy. "As I watched him, he called out in me such joy, hope and promise for the world," she explains. "I thought, this is the President that my father, a minister, had told me God would be sending. This is the leader that DR. Martin Luther King had talked about. His energetic and wonderful oratory made me want to respond to him and to be a part of his team." It was this very reason that McKoy shares now her new collection of poetry of marked moments of history through poetry.

Included in this collection are poems about individuals who are famous and admired for their remarkable thoughts, opinions, and actions. Among these individuals are presidents of the United States - dating back as far as Abraham Lincoln - and several of the country's first ladies, as well as Bill Gates, Lucille Ball, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and many others who are admired all over the world.

McKoy uses her poetic license to depict some of the performances, pursuits, thoughts and moments of glory of these important figures. With these poems, Mckoy develops her own observations and interpretations of these individuals and their actions, which have changed the course of history and will forever live in our memories.

"My book is most relevant to today's society because it emphasizes the best in man, and we need people who will see and write about The Common good of people, when the losses in life seem to be more prevalent than the gains."

About the Author
Lattice Boykin McKoy, RN, received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. The sixth of 10 children, she was born and raised in Rose Hill, N.C. She has been writing poetry since she was a child.

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