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Network Marketing Guru, John Haremza, Announces New Book

John Haremza knows what it means to go from rags to riches. At one point in his life, he was living in a trailer and working as a machine operator at a potato chip company. Not only was this job not very glamorous, it also did not pay nearly enough for John to live comfortably. He and his fiancé were struggling to make ends meet, and John had no idea how he could go about improving their lives. Then a friend invited John to a meeting where he learned about network marketing, which changed John's life forever.

He began working part-time as a network marketer and could hardly believe the success that he found. After only six months he was secure enough to be able to quit his maintenance job and turn his full attention to marketing. Back then, he'd believed that if he made $3,000 a month he'd be making more money than he would know what to do with. He quickly made that 3,000 and moved on to 5,000 and then 10,000 and it just kept going up from there. Before John knew about network marketing, he never would have believed that it was possible for him to achieve such success, but he quickly realized that everything he wanted in life would be possible.

With all of this knowledge about how to become successful and now over 25 years in the industry, John decided that he wanted to help others learn the same life-changing things that he did. He has written a book, Right or Almost Right, which chronicles his journey to success and shows everyone how to go about following in his steps. He knows that there are many intelligent, hard-working network marketers out there who are struggling for unknown reasons. Right or Almost Right is John's way of helping point them in the right direction, allowing them to start on their own paths to success.

In Right or Almost Right, John expresses his belief that the the small subtleties of how the network marketing business is done make the big difference between making a little money versus making a lot of money, between success and struggling. He teaches the basics of network marketing so people understand exactly what it takes to build their career from the foundation, proving with his own life that amazing results really are possible. Everything contained within the book relates to John's own experience over his 25 year career of success as a network marketer. Readers can really rely on all of the information in the book as John himself is living proof that network marketing can change someone's life and give them everything that will make their dreams come true.

John Haremza:
From a young age, John Haremza struggled in school due to his dyslexia, which at the time meant that he was perceived as slow, dumb, and stupid. He was put in special classes and made fun of, lowering his self-esteem and believing that he would never be very successful in his life. He began working a maintenance job in a potato chip factory, believing that was the best that he could do. However, once he discovered network marketing, John quickly rose through the corporate ranks and found that he truly had a knack for business. Now he is living the life of his dreams, a successful and well-known network marketing leader. He believes that everyone can find this success in their own lives, that everyone can build themselves from the ground up, just as he did.

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