Nat Howler Debuts Fantasy Series THREE FUGITIVES

Nat Howler Debuts Fantasy Series THREE FUGITIVES

Author Nat Howler's debut release, THREE FUGITIVES, the first book in the Six Stones Trilogy, is taking the fantasy genre by storm, fans calling it the next must-read series they've been waiting for.

In Three Fugitives, young Orren has spent his life in a swine barn, under the cruel thumb of his half-brother, Lord Berthus, but when his best friend and mentor dies, Orren finds out he is destined for more. Snatching a stone Berthus prizes, and fleeing the tyrant's minions, Orren heads for the wilderness seeking refuge. He discovers the stone is one of six of its kind, each of which contains powerful magic. Berthus wants all six, but Orren is determined not to let him have them.

During the course of his journey, Orren makes friends with a clumsy goblin and a fiery young heiress, both of whom join his quest. Together, they must face winter, wild beasts, bandits, peasant uprisings, and a cult with a sinister reputation, while trying to stay ahead of Berthus and his supporters. It soon becomes clear, however, that unless they foil their enemies' pursuit, their quest is doomed.

"Nat Howler's debut novel leaves the reader waiting for the next installment with keen anticipation. The story is well paced and the characters fresh and interesting. It is Howler's dialogue that steals the show - the shift between characters is seamless and he effortlessly captures the rhythm of teenage thought processes and dialogue. The reader is swept along in the drama, superbly crafted so that the action never lets up...Looking forward to the next two books. Bring them on Nat Howler!" – Amazon reviewer

Nat Howler was born in Zambia to parents who were traveling medical professionals, serving the needs of poor communities. He currently lives part of the year in the United States and part in Botswana. In his life he has faced many challenges, among them confronting the degree of suffering in the world, but at the same time, he has encountered great acts of human kindness. Inspired by his experiences, he has endeavored to write books of rich fantasy.

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