NEW Wiley-Blackwell Book Offers a Healthier Alternative to Traditional Crowns and Fillings: Supra-gingival (above the gum) Dentistry

HOBOKEN, N.J., Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Full crowns are by far the most popular indirect restorations in dentistry today! The mechanical principles traditionally advocated for crown preparations lead to subgingival margins, thus unknowingly, dentists place these unnecessary subgingival (below the gum) margins every day! Defective subgingival margins act as "permanent tartar" affecting the periodontal health of our patients. Supra-gingival dentistry presents a healthier approach, one that is a complete departure from traditional restorative dentistry.

Supra-gingival Minimally Invasive (MI) dentistry is thus a new and innovative approach, it assumes most subgingival margins are preventable, and all damaged teeth can be restored with a partial coverage direct or indirect restoration, with the exception of teeth already cut for a previous crown, thus preserving tooth, the health of the pulp and periodontium. It recognizes how the continued use of traditional mechanically retained dental techniques is counterproductive to adhesive dentistry, the negative effects of unnecessary tooth removal, and the catastrophic consequences of subgingival margin placement.

Although most dentists strongly support tooth conserving dentistry, full crowns are still the most popular indirect restoration! Why? One important reason is the extremely convoluted, demanding techniques advocated by some experts, usually non clinicians. Most educators and schools continue to teach that partial coverage metal free restorations, non-gold, are to be used in limited situations, only when "ideal conditions" exist, thus full coverage crowns are used the majority of the time.

Supra-gingival MI techniques are not only for the rich and famous, nor for teeth with "ideal conditions," but for all patients and all restorations. Compared with other available adhesive dentistry books, which show techniques based on academic approaches, this book portrays real world practical techniques and tricks which are easily reproducible, reliable and successful. With hundreds of pictures and diagrams, this book will show how even in the most complicated cases, supra-gingival minimally invasive dentistry is not only possible, but a better and healthier choice.

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Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is the Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry and Course Director of numerous CE Courses at University of Southern California. He has published several research papers and clinical articles on adhesive dentistry, occlusion and esthetic dentistry. He regularly lectures at all major dental meetings, nationally and internationally, and has been named as one of the "Leaders in CE from 2006-2018" by Dentistry Today. Dr. Ruiz has been practicing in The Studio District of Los Angeles for over 20 years and enjoys a clientele of many stars and entertainers. He focuses on treating complex cosmetic, rehabilitation, and implant cases. Dr. Ruiz has made numerous television appearances highlighting his esthetic dental makeovers, including NBC Channel 4 News, ABC's News, Good Morning America & Vista LA, VH1 and Channel 52's Telemundo and 34 Univision.

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