Minister, Lynn Sandberg, Writes Biblical-based Parenting Guide

Minister, Lynn Sandberg, Writes Biblical-based Parenting Guide

Raising biblically minded children in today's society can be difficult.

"Heaven on Earth" by Lynn Sandberg, is a Christian parenting guide that explores the attributes of God that parents should seek to emulate.

According to Luke 2:52, Jesus grew intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially. It's Sandberg's goal to help parents foster development in the same areas of their children's lives.

"I want parents to be able to teach their children to follow in their savior's footsteps," said Sandberg. "Heaven on Earth carefully explores biblical principles to help parents provide the support that children need."'

The book takes lessons from the Bible and formulates them into roadmap for raising biblically minded children. It teaches parents to foster growth and keep children on the correct path, no matter how rebellious they may be.

Through personal experiences, Sandberg has discovered the power that God has on our lives. She urges parents to guide children based on God's example as the heavenly father. Heaven on Earth empowers parents to choose healthy and appropriate ways to discipline and comforts parents when they feel inadequate.

The book explores God as a provider, protector, teacher and disciplinarian. Sandberg believes that these are the skills Christian parents must imitate.

"In order to raise children for the glory of God, a parent needs a biblical foundation. Heaven on Earth lays just such a foundation," said Sandberg.

Heaven on Earth: A Biblical Model for Parenting
By Lynn Sandberg
ISBN: 978-1-4627-2736-0
Paperback: $14.99

About the author

Lynn Sandberg is a volunteer minister at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. She lives in Long Beach, Mississippi, with her husband, Bob, where they teach children in Sunday school and Bible drill. She has a passion for communicating the truth of God's Word to all she teaches. She and Bob have three adult children who are all actively involved with the church.