Marvel Explores Wolverine's Legacy After His Death

Marvel Explores Wolverine's Legacy After His Death

Even though Wolverine will be dying in September's Death of Wolverine, Marvel will not be dropping the character completely. Instead, they will continue to explore the character's lasting impact and legacy. Marvel has announced a seven part mini-series, running from October to December, titled The Logan Legacy.

Marvel announced, "Editor Mike Marts along with Charles Soule, writer of the beginning and end of The Logan Legacy, aim to chart the ever-widening hole left by the departure of Wolverine, a friend to many and enemy to more. In gathering the talent to write the limited series, Marts tapped a wide range of creators-some working for Marvel for the first time or for the first time in a while."

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Soule stated, "Think of the Death of Wolverine as an inciting event, one thing that has seismic-level effects on the lives of a great deal of the Marvel Universe. We'll start in The Logan Legacy by examining those effects on people close to Wolverine, but over time, we'll range far and wide to see what sort of black hole Logan's death actually leaves."

About picking which characters to showcase in the mini-series, Marts commented, "We intentionally picked characters with close ties to Logan, either through past history-Deathstrike and Sabretooth-or through genetics-Daken and X-23. Mystique is a bit of a wildcard in the mix."