Life On Earth - The Extraterrestrial Experiment

FRIMLEY, England, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ In his recently published book "The New Genesis - The greatest experiment on Earth" (The New Genesis Foundation), Dr. Wojciech K. Kulczyk ends the centuries' long fight between creationists and evolutionists. His investigation shows with conclusive evidence that a third alternative for the arising of intelligent life on Earth is the most likely.

Dr. Wojciech K. Kulczyk is a physicist with many years experience in academia and industry. He is the author of three books, 8 scientific publications and 15 patents. His works cover the development of life, the dawn of ancient civilizations and the origin of religions.

He proposes that Earth was carefully selected to harbor life by extraterrestrial beings. At first, they had to adjust the Earth's orbit and bring water from the outskirts of the solar system. When Earth was ready for life, it was seeded with single cell organisms which filled the atmosphere with oxygen before more complex cells were introduced. Even at this early stage, with incredible forward planning, cells were already equipped with highly sophisticated energy generating systems which would only be needed in much higher forms of life billions of years later. Finally, about 520 million years ago during a very brief period of time, the ancestors of all animals suddenly arrived on Earth. There was no gradual lengthy process of evolutionary development.

Extraterrestrial beings supervised all the critical stages during the development of life on Earth and were responsible for the design of the human brain. To do this work they would have had to have been present on Earth. This book provides the proof of their existence.

Dr. Wojciech K. Kulczyk wrote this book because he found that evolution is unable to explain many critical issues. Whilst 50 years ago evolution was a plausible hypothesis, the incredible progress in scientific discoveries achieved during the last 20 years has shown that life is a far more complex than we could have ever imagined. All the evidence now points to one irrefutable conclusion that life on Earth was carefully planned, designed and engineered.

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Life On Earth - The Extraterrestrial Experiment

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