K.M. Topping's New Novel, HUNTER CRISPIAN & THE LITTLE BROTHER OF WAR, is Released

K.M. Topping's New Novel, HUNTER CRISPIAN & THE LITTLE BROTHER OF WAR, is Released

The first chapter of K.M. Topping's debut Young Adult novel about time traveling lacrosse players, Hunter Crispian & The Little Brother of War, has generated quite a stir on the author's website, leaving readers demanding more.

"I'm thrilled that the online sample chapter and YouTube video have generated so much excitement among readers of all ages. Even though the entire book is available for download on Kindle and Nook, I am getting flooded with emails from readers, begging to buy a physical copy," the author explains.

Now available in print from Amazon, Hunter Crispian & The Little Brother of War is the story of two fifteen year-old lacrosse-playing New York City boys and one brainy little sister who take an extraordinary journey back in time and wind up playing in a high-stakes lacrosse game with Native Americans.

"I wanted to share the rich and fascinating history of lacrosse, while taking readers on a wild ride," the author adds.

Not a lacrosse-player herself, Ms. Topping fell in love with the sport when she witnessed her first game as a freshman at University of Virginia. "However the subject of time travel has fascinated me since the age of nine, when I first discovered Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time," the author explains.

A seasoned boater who has spent much time cruising the Eastern Seaboard and Bahamas with her husband and children, the author drew from personal experience when writing the often harrowing sailing scenes described in the novel.

Born and raised in New York, Ms. Topping recently moved to Miami so that she and her family could spend more time getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Electronic versions of the novel are also available on Kindle, Nook and Sony among other online retailers.