Gerri Redmond's Unwritten Story With Amazon

Gerri Redmond, author of Unwritten: Before The Beginning, has plans to finish the sequel during the summer of 2019. The preliminary title is Unwritten: There's Another. The original book spurred interest with fans due to the content and entertainment of the story. Gerri Redmond is an author as well as a Global IT Expert and consultant. The inspiration of the book was to win Amazon as a client. She externally audited Kindle Direct Publishing's online process (an Amazon Company) for several years, and provided the process improvements found to Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon, at no charge. Various formats of the book are available including an audiobook professionally produced and narrated by Joe Dawson.

THE STORY. Unwritten: There's Another will have the original characters once again, travelling to the world beyond our world in order to save our world while using that book. What? There are portals, magic books, strange creatures, potions, cloaks, trolls, talking sharks, romance, and pirates. Hmm. Teenagers? Yes. What is in that book that's so special? Nothing. It hasn't been written yet. The worn leather binding holds blank pages that seem new: crisp. There are no words. Using the interpretation of the book that is yet to be written, our heros, Mary, Jimmy, and Nicholas, travel to another world, using a portal, to bring peace. With peace restored in that world, peace will be restored to our world. A connection with the book was found. It is connected. It is dynamic, and current. Sync up! Everything changed when Mary found the book.

The writing style is simple but the theories are complex. As a result, people who are learning English as a second language became a big audience and business professionals showed support for the series. "It is a quick read where you feel you've gone somewhere and done something. Good for the gym."

All titles authored by Gerri Redmond are sold primarily on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Unwritten: Before The Beginning is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. Unwritten: There's Another will be available summer 2019. Other titles include Among The Gods: All The Way Through available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. It is in a storyboard format which could be used to pitch a movie or full length manuscript to agents or movie producers. Writers complain that they cannot profit from their ideas but they can. Using this vehicle of the published storyboard like Gerri created, a writer can sell their ideas as well as pitch them. There are plans to complete Among The Gods: All The Way Through into a full length book.

AMAZON AND WALMART. Gerri Redmond was also a vendor for Sam's Club and Walmart throughout Michigan selling cheesecake and pies. Gerri owns Gerri's Gourmet Cheesecake LLC; however, cheesecake and pie have been on hold due to reorganization efforts.. She is a former Big Four IT Auditor and Consultant. Gerri specializes in IT process and procedures, compliance, risk management, business strategy and supply chain management. Additionally, she writes young adult fiction and children's fiction books.

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