'Faith Wave: I think Therefore It Is' is Released

'Faith Wave: I think Therefore It Is' is Released

CHICAGO, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Peter Baksa, an author, life coach and contributor to The Huffington Post, correlates quantum science with religious affections in his new, breakthrough book, Faith Wave: I think Therefore It Is. He shows us that faith and science both point to the same truth: humans are in charge of our own existence, and that by changing the way we think, by altering our consciousness, we change our reality.

Baksa's inspirational new book takes a holistic approach by combining ancient spiritual texts with neuroscience and quantum mechanics to gain insight into how people interact with the universe. The successful entrepreneur and philanthropist provides a framework from which anyone can improve their life by refocusing their thoughts, energy, and time.

So what exactly is a faith wave? Baksa explains: "A faith wave is a specific wave form that is created by our thoughts. It is the result of an electrical impulse called a thought. This thought must embody the idea that we absolutely "know" something is true. It is different than a belief. It is a knowing. It can be with evidence or it can be without."

Baksa looked to the research of Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, C.G.Jung, Albert Einstein, and Max Planck, and applied a similar template seeking truths that they all agreed upon. From this final list of common denominators, Baksa built a theoretical framework. This frameworkpoints to a method by which humans interact with the universe to create their reality. It shows how humans manifest their lives in the natural and attract matter.

"The idea is that we create our lives using our thoughts, which are essentially energy that can be measured in frequency and can be shown to be a wave of a particular frequency," explains Baksa. "The life situations, people, and matter that we manifest are directly related to the frequency of our thoughts. We attract who we are. We create our own reality. We attract what we think about, we attract ourselves; if you want to change who or what you are attracting, change yourself, and the rest will follow in accordance."

Science and religion may not be opposites, but actually connected when it comes to how we create our reality. Faith Wave explores this viewpoint in a probing and meaningful way.

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'Faith Wave: I think Therefore It Is' is Released