Dr. Patricia O'Gorman Writes Off 'Girly Thoughts' in THE RESILIENT WOMAN

Dr. Patricia O'Gorman Writes Off 'Girly Thoughts' in THE RESILIENT WOMAN

Nurturing and making others happy seems to be an ingrained trait in most women. But when a woman is pushing herself too hard, destructive and self-sabotaging 'girly thoughts' arise that can wreak havoc on her success, both personally and professionally. Noted psychologist and author Dr. Patricia O'Gorman coined the term 'girly thoughts' in her latest book, THE RESILIENT WOMAN: MASTERING THE 7 STEPS TO PERSONAL POWER (HCI Books), to describe what happens when a woman ignores her own needs and tries to be everything to everyone.

'Girly thoughts' are being discussed a lot lately, albeit using various lengthy descriptions. The effects of these thoughts have been highlighted by a Facebook executive in her new book, discussed on various television shows, and even demonstrated in a Dove YouTube at: http://bit.ly/11hCsGS that shows how women see themselves in a far less attractive light than a stranger sees them. With nearly 50 million hits on this video, it seems that Dr. O'Gorman's assessment of 'girly thoughts' is right on!

THE RESILIENT WOMAN acts as a guide for women to uncover their inner power so they can challenge these thoughts and stop blaming themselves for anything that goes wrong in their life. Dr. O'Gorman provides the tools to help women learn how to find their own best solutions and stop the girly thoughts that tell them who they are, how they should act, and that hold them back.

Women often miss the path toward achieving their true potential because they have been conditioned to blame themselves for something someone else has done to them. "But with the right tools to break the cycle, they will learn to consciously harness and nurture their strengths and find the personal assets we often take for granted, realizing that a resilient life is generated not from the things that happened to us, but from our reaction to them," says Dr. O'Gorman.

In O'Gorman's book, readers discover resilience patterns established in childhood, how girly thoughts become so powerful, and how to neutralize them to become successful in all aspects of life. The author discusses relationship issues specific to women, how to overcome all types of trauma, how to self-motivate by losing the victim mentality, and offers methods for tuning in to the inner self and consciously align with personal strengths to expand personal power - showing what resiliency is and is not, and how to achieve it.

Dr. O'Gorman has become a sought-after speaker at professional women's groups, where she connects with women who want to know how girly thoughts affect them in the workplace. She is also currently consulting with Lifescape Solutions in Delray Beach, FL, who are using her book to develop a resiliency-focused women's treatment program.

An internationally recognized psychologist, coach, and public speaker for her work on women, trauma, and substance abuse, Dr. Patricia O'Gorman was one of the first researchers in children of alcoholics in the early 1970s and went on to create the Department of Prevention and Education for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. She is cofounder of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics and has run a rape-crisis center. She has been a featured guest on Good Morning America, Today, and AMSunday, to name a few, and is the author of numerous magazine articles. In addition to her private practice in Saranac Lake and Albany, New York, she is Chairperson of the Advisory Board of Horses Healing Hearts, Inc., an equine learning program for children of alcoholics. For more information on Dr. O'Gorman's work or her latest book, please visit: www.patriciaogorman.com, where you can also find her blog: www.thepowerfulwoman.net.

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