David J. Bain Releases TORN BLOOD

David J. Bain Releases TORN BLOOD

PORTLAND, Ore., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Good news for Tom Clancy fans anticipating his latest unpublished novel. They can discover a new action-packed adventure written by David J. Bain whose fast-paced style and attention to detail appeals to Clancy fans everywhere.

Speaking with his own voice, Bain's debut novel pulls readers into a vortex of tightly knit action and suspense with riveting plots, layered sub-plots, and intrigues which are the hallmarks of America's great story tellers.

Bain spent seven years researching and writing Torn Blood (ISBN 13: 978-0-9881710-0-8), 2013, Bo Iti Press, Wyoming, 568 pages, $17.99, available from bookstores, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble in paperback and eBook. Also available at iBookstore in a digital format.

Torn Blood shows enemies locked in a mortal battle to destroy Jerusalem's Jewish residents where lives are faced with an existential choice - safety from persecution in America or commitment to a land that calls them home but could demand their lives. View the book trailers at: http://tornblood.com/

In his debut novel, Bain enters Jewish history and asks if justice can prevail for a people maligned and persecuted over the ages because of their birthright.

Bain, who collaborated on two movie screenplays, (End of the Harvest and Time Changer), brought together researchers from the United States and Israel to reveal the truth of Jewish rights to a homeland in Israel.

"I was familiar with Israel's history, politics, and military as well as the habit modern Israel has for coming out on top in any conflict with aggressor countries, but why does this tiny dot of land, Israel, remain the focus of world events?" Bain answers that question in the pages of Torn Blood as readers are drawn into a story capturing reader's minds and hearts as the ultimate fate of Jerusalem and her people reveals itself in an apocalyptic conflagration.

"Many believe Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state but can't articulate why," adds Bain, "Once they read Torn Blood readers will know the truth of Israel's historic claim to its land and why that claim is so hotly contested."

Torn Blood was written so readers will discover the reasons why Jewish people are committed to their tiny nation floating in a sea of enemies and why Jerusalem is the heart and soul of their existence.

About David J. Bain

Bain owns a consulting company with his wife Doris that publishes technical manuals and papers. They recently founded Bo Iti Press, a niche publisher focusing on stories about Israel and her people. A veteran, David served in Vietnam in the U.S. Air Force.

David and wife Doris live in Oregon.

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David J. Bain Releases TORN BLOOD