DarkFuse Presents SURROGATE by David Bernstein and THE LAST MILE by Tim Waggoner

DarkFuse will release two novellas in October, both are now available to preorder with a discount through Amazon.

SURROGATE by David Bernstein

Rebecca Hardwick wants nothing more than to start a family with her husband. But when a series of tragedies occur, she is left unable to have children by natural means.

Jane Nurelle is in an abusive relationship filled with beatings, drinking and drugs. But when she learns of her pregnancy, she is determined to turn her life around, even if it means resorting to violence.

Through an unlikely series of events, these two women come face-to-face with a notable scientist who has perfected a way for couples to have biologically matched children through the process of human cloning. But his service comes at a price...and the women share more in common than they ever thought possible.

Surrogate is an unforgettable tale of life, love, revenge and maternal instinct.

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THE LAST MILE by Tim Waggoner

All Dan wanted was to be a good husband and father, to provide for his wife and daughter, to keep them fed, warm, and safe. But then the malevolent godlike beings called the Masters arrived, and their darkness spread across the world, reshaping it into a twisted realm of savagery and madness. In exchange for his family's protection, Dan now serves one of these alien gods, obtaining human sacrifices to feed his Master's eternal hunger.

Like so many people since the world changed, Alice has had to do unspeakable things to survive. Unfortunately for her, she's Dan's choice for his next sacrifice. Now Dan drives along the shattered remnants of an old-world highway, headed for his Master's lair, Alice bound hand and foot in the backseat of his car. Dan may not like what he's become, but he'll do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. Alice doesn't intend to relinquish her life so easily, though, and she plans to escape, no matter the cost.

But in the World After, everything-animals, plants, even the land itself-has become a predator, and the journey to the Master's lair is an almost guaranteed suicide run. But Dan won't give up, and he won't stop fighting. Not until he makes it through the Last Mile.

"Tim Waggoner's The Last Mile is a dark, deranged journey deep into nightmare country, a ride through a phantasmagorical post-apocalyptic landscape like no other. There are no zombies in this world gone to hell. The inhabitants of the "World After" should be so lucky. The Last Mile is gloriously twisted, a mind-bending glimpse of a reality so grotesquely altered it feels as if Tim, mad genius that he is, must have somehow plucked it directly from the scorched mind of some long-institutionalized acid casualty. Highly recommended." -Bryan Smith, author of Depraved

"I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic road stories, and this one sucked me in hard and fast with its mystery, monster and maiden. Relentless, perverse, horrific fun!" -John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of NightWhere and Violet Eyes

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