DIZZY: A FICTIONAL MEMOIR by Arthur Wooten to be Released Dec. 10

DIZZY: A FICTIONAL MEMOIR by Arthur Wooten to be Released Dec. 10

Galaxias Productions is proud and excited to announce the launch of Arthur Wooten's seventh book titled Dizzy: A Fictional Memoir. Fictional in that the story is told through the voice of Angie Styles, a Broadway star - fact in that Mr. Wooten has been diagnosed with the same disease she suffers from, bilateral vestibular disease with oscillopsia which robs the brain of any sense of balance.

“Dizzy is an entertaining and realistic portrayal of the unique challenges faced by people suffering from inner ear balance disorders. Mr. Wooten has captured the fear and frustration common among vestibular patients through his uplifting and often humorous story of Broadway actress, Angie Styles."
– Veda, Vestibular Disorders Association

“As a therapist, I believe books like Dizzy are important. They introduce complex medical concepts in story form, allowing the reader to learn, grow and enjoy the process. This fictional memoir will give you belly laughs, inspire compassion, and enrich your life.” – Pamela Milam, Licensed Professional Counselor

Arthur Wooten has penned a fictional memoir based upon his own life.

Editorial Review: Dizzy - A beloved Broadway actress, singer, dancer, is struck down at the height of her career by a mysterious disease and is forced to reexamine her life and the people in it as she fights to survive.

On December 15, 2005, Mr. Wooten’s life as he knew it changed forever. Diagnosed with bilateral vestibulopathy with oscillopsia, this is the same illness that Angie Styles, the lead character in Dizzy, develops. What he has created is a fascinating read in that it marries two genres: an exciting backstage show biz tale coupled with a frightening medical drama.

Asked why he created a fictional memoir instead of writing about his own life Wooten laughed, “My life is too boring. But there are similarities between Angie and myself. I was an actor for fifteen years before segueing into writing and all of the symptoms, causes, diagnoses, treatments, and time lines described in Dizzy, I have experienced and are true.”

Known for tackling life’s toughest issues with humor and wit, once again Wooten approached his seventh book with the same unique style.

“This disease has robbed my body of all sense of balance. My brain never knows where I am in space. It’s ironic, since I was a dancer and gymnast. My hope with this book is not only to entertain but also educate and bring awareness to this disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And if just one person suffering from these same symptoms reads Dizzy and realizes they are not alone, then my job is done.”