Consumer Review Site Ranks 7 Speed Reading As No. 1 Because of Features Completeness

Consumer Review Site Ranks 7 Speed Reading As No. 1 Because of Features Completeness

According to the review by website Speed Reading Techniques, 7 Speed Reading is at the moment the most complete reading improvement software, offering its customer an all-inclusive learning experience. The review states how the software offers an unparalleled list of no less than seven different learning strategies for becoming a faster learner. In the reviewer's opinion, this variety and diversity of strategies is what makes the software rise to the top.

Unlike other speed reading software reviews, this particular one focuses on each and every speed reading technique the software offers, discussing how each technique is used and how the software is so effective in increasing reading speed. Emphasis is given to activities helping readers minimize subvocalisation and regression. The reviewer also mentions that learning to read in word groups (also known as "chunking") is another unique feature of 7 Speed Reading.

The review notes that the impressive number of no less than fifteen training activities ensures that all aspects that make up an effective speed reading study program are well taken care off. The reviewer seems particularly impressed by the ability users have to insert their own texts to use as materials in the various exercises.

In addition, the review also mentions how the software quite correctly pays particular emphasis on eye-muscle training and brain function improvement as another shortcut to reading faster while still maintaining high reading comprehension.

As the reviewer goes on to suggest, the software's step-by-step instructional videos as well as its performance monitoring feature make it even more attractive to users, as it takes away the problem of having to learn how to use new software before gaining any benefit. Also, as the reviewer comments, 7 Speed Reading's groundbreaking progress tracking tool encourages learning and gives users the necessary momentum to become even better and faster readers.

The review concludes that 7 Speed Reading is unlike other software, due to its versatility and completeness of its features, making it the number 1 speed reading software today. You can read the complete review here.

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About 7 Speed Reading

7 Speed Reading is the only modern speed reading software that uses the latest technology to produce superior results.

The software provides its users with a new way to master speed reading that guarantees three times the reading speed along with improved memory and comprehension.

The software is poised as the most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere. It contains seven learning strategies, fifteen software activities, video training, advanced tracking capabilities and many more exciting features.