Children's Book Provides Insight in Veganism

Children's Book Provides Insight in Veganism

BRISBANE, Australia

What exactly is a vegan? What is family life like in a vegan household? Author Sasha Carr came to veganism at the age of 30, gaining a deeper appreciation for animal rights as well as a true understanding of what it means to live healthily. In "But Where Do You Get Your Protein?! Healthy Eating the Vegan Way" (published by Xlibris AU), she addresses the questions that people unfamiliar with veganism most commonly ask. This book provides an accessible and credible guide that demystifies veganism.

Addressing some of the most common questions vegans are asked, this book is intended for kids, families and adults alike. There are 13 colorful drawings that provide a beautiful visual representation of a day in the life of a young vegan family, while the rhythm of the text keeps the book light and fun. Carr explains why ethical vegans reject milk and eggs, mentions the health issues associated with eating meat, dairy and eggs and provides examples of yummy, easy, plant-based alternatives for vitamin and mineral needs. She also discusses both the ethical and health reasons for going vegan and raising healthy, compassionate, vegan children.

"It's not only possible to be vegan and raise vegan kids who thrive; it's actually surprisingly doable and incredibly beneficial - for the animals, for our health, for our fellow human beings, for the planet," Carr says. "We need to stop exploiting animals for their entire lives for the sake of our stomachs."<

A thought-provoking and enlightening read, "But Where Do You Get Your Protein?!" answers the what, the why and the how of veganism within a family setting: from an animal rights perspective as well as from a health one.

"But Where Do You Get Your Protein?!"
By Sasha Carr
Hardcover | 8.5x8.5in | 30 pages | ISBN 9781499010022
Softcover | 8.5x8.5in | 30 pages | ISBN 9781499010046
E-Book | 30 pages | ISBN 9781499010060
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About the Author
Born in Townsville, Sasha Carr spent her primary school years on an island in North Queensland. As a young adult, she studied French and Sociology before moving to France where she studied and worked for three years. When she returned home, she got into vet school where she worked hard for a year before becoming a mum and making the life changing decision to be a full time parent. Raising her beautiful boy, a little sister soon followed. After watching the documentary "Earthlings", Carr went from ardent meat and dairy consumer to ethical vegan overnight. That was almost 3 years ago and she hasn't looked back since. Her biggest passions in life these days are her kids and veganism.

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