C. L. Paur to Release Debut Novel STORIES

C. L. Paur to Release Debut Novel STORIES

Stories (published by AuthorHouse), the debut novel by C. L. Paur, tells a story about a woman confronted with her past after her death, revealing how profound the effects of fear had been in her life.

Catharine Zimmer's duplicity stalks her to the grave. She lived a great life, but she also carries the memories of one betrayal. She has long forgotten her little deceit, but once dead, it reappears to remind her. Now she must listen to three stories - from a dictator, a nurse, and a movie director - to discover how her deception impacted not only these three people, but thousands of others.

An excerpt from Stories:

"I was dead. This I knew. But where I was, that I didn't know. The garments of age evanesced as youth materialized. My old body had ruled with tyranny for so long that at first I didn't recognize the signs of youth. Was it me? I wondered.

My thoughts were too clear, and so was my hearing. The drone of silence which had blunted the use of my eardrums seemed gone, though there were no obvious sounds to test this theory."

Paur confronts readers with a tough reality, but she does so to encourage people to take on their problems, even the difficult ones. "Stories is relevant because we're all going to die some day," says Paur. "We all will have to see the effects or consequences of the choices we made here on earth."

By C. L. Paur
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 216 pages | ISBN 9781481706797
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 216 pages | ISBN 9781481706773
E-Book | 216 pages | ISBN 9781481706780
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

C. L. Paur holds a BS in Psychology from U.W. Parkside, and a MA in Communications from Marquette University. Her work has appeared in CSI Media, Our Sunday Visitor, Canticle Magazine, and other news publications. Currently she's writing Waves, the sequel to Stories, as well as other novels, children's stories, and screenplays. Stories is Paur's first novel. Paur lives in Wisconsin with her husband and four children. To learn more about Paur's upcoming books, speaking engagements, and book signings, go to http://www.clpaur.com.

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