BWW Review: NOT IN THE SCRIPT by Amy Finnegan

BWW Review: NOT IN THE SCRIPT by Amy Finnegan

BWW Review: NOT IN THE SCRIPT by Amy Finnegan

If Emma Watson was to star in a Freeform (Formerly ABC Family) TV series after growing up making movies, I would very much expect her life to be similar to what Emma Taylor goes through in NOT IN THE SCRIPT by Amy Finnegan. Truth: I had the image of Watson in my head every time I envisioned Taylor!

Emma Taylor has grown up on the silver screen for the entire country to see. She's everyone's sweetheart, which means the tabloids are circling like vultures, ready to rip her apart if she sticks so much as a toe out of line. Now cast as one of four leads on a buzzing new teen series, even more eyes are on her. Her childhood crush, Brett Crawford, has also been cast, and the media is already pairing the two together. Emma, however, finds herself gravitating toward acting newcomer Jake Elliott, even though she's sworn off dating actors. Even though her best friend is "in love" with Jake for to his modeling career. If Emma and Jake decide to get together, it will have to be in secret because if word gets out, all hell will break loose.

l loved the fun, entertaining world of NOT IN THE SCRIPT. I wasn't ready for the book to end... either of the two times I've already read it! I'd love to return to the set of Coyote Hills, either by going on new adventures with Emma and Jake, or through new characters. Kimmi, for example. She's new to the acting world and gets a bad rap in the press off the bat. And, of course, seeing if Brett can truly change and become a decent guy.

NOT IN THE SCRIPT alternates POV between Emma and Jake. It's fun to see two different aspects of Hollywood. I really loved getting into both their heads. This was one thing I liked so much about the novel! I also love how grounded and "real" Emma and Jake come off. They're very down-to-earth for actors, the kind of boy/girl next door friends you want to hang out with. I also liked the way Emma's family and friendships centered her character and kept her so grounded. Likewise, Jake's background and reasons for entering the industry were touching, and I loved seeing the importance of both friends and family in this novel.

Bloomsbury's If Only line of novels is good, clean fun. It will appeal to tweens, teens, and even adults. NOT IN THE SCRIPT is my favorite book in the line so far! I'll be looking forward to seeing what author Amy Finnegan comes out with next.


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