Authors Combat Academy Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Authors Combat Academy Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Get ready to hear some fighting words at the three-day Authors Combat Academy, an innovative conference where the literary community will merge with martial arts instructors, weapons specialists, emergency room doctors and other experts to learn what it takes to pen the perfect fight scene.

Authors Combat Academy has kicked off a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $4,000 by June 30 that features a long list of rewards for donors including e-books, writing tips, T-shirts and discounted admission to the conference. The academy is April 17-19, 2015, at the Inn at Opryland in beautiful Nashville, Tenn.

Authors with backgrounds in all genres - horror, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, even romance - can learn the art of writing intense knock-down, drag-out fight scenes that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Here's a sampling of the interactive workshops available:

  • Experts: Hear from keynote speaker David Tyreman ("How to Brand Yourself as a Writer") as well as MMA fighters, an Atlanta SWAT team member, authors, publicists and more.
  • Rent-A-Ninja: Personal time with trained fighters to block out your fight scenes and ask all your questions.
  • Writing contest: Submit your work before the conference and winners will be announced at the banquet.
  • Tri-Author-lon Contest: Random topics will be given to groups of authors to see who can come up with the best stories on the fly.
  • Raffle and banquet dinner: Enter to win gift baskets and more. Dinner and a presentation by the keynote speaker are included with the price of the conference.
  • Book store: Buy autographed books by presenters and fellow attendees.
  • Belt Rank System: For each year attendees go to the Authors Combat Academy, they will advance one martial arts belt rank. Higher ranks will get priority registration at future conferences as well as other perks throughout the year.

Authors Combat Academy is hosted by Griffyn Ink Publishing, which has published bestselling author A.J. Scudiere and worked with Game Nation Parks on the popular Archives Series. Eli Jackson, CEO of Griffyn Ink, has 30 years of experience with martial arts. Eli holds a 3rd degree black belt in Isshinryu and will be in the process of getting a second, 3rd degree black belt in MMA as you read this. She has also competed on the world tournament circuit in 2001-2002 ranking 3rd in the world in fighting and 4th in the world in forms.

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