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Author L.E. Frost Releases YA Fantasy Novel, ROSE OF THE ALCHEMIST

Author L.E. Frost Releases YA Fantasy Novel, ROSE OF THE ALCHEMIST

Author L.E. Frost is pleased to announce the promotion of her YA fantasy novel, Rose of the Alchemist.

Orphaned as a child and raised by a brooding grandfather who can't stand the sight of him, Xavier feels like a freak. Gifted, or cursed, with the visions and powers of his Jardi mother, and isolated on his grandfather's estate, he thinks he'll go mad.

On his sixteenth birthday, when he finally escapes the dreary prison of his grandfather's to attend university, he's bullied because he's Jardi. While he struggles to fit in, a master alchemist takes him on as apprentice and helps him develop his gift.

But just when things are looking up for Xavier, a mysterious seer appears to deliver a dark prophesy. A sorcerer wants to kill him because of his gift. Gifted with the Jardi sight to see inside things and transform them, Xavier must accept his roots if he hopes to survive.

His only allies against the sorcerer are a magical falcon, who is both guardian and mother hen, and an irritatingly smug knight who keeps a perilous secret.

When the trio arrives at the sorcerer's castle, Xavier is enchanted by statues that spring to life, fairies and winged horses that fly out of draperies and demon cuckoo clocks that deliver sardonic messages. Seduced by the sorcerer's illusion, Will Xavier choose the cold, starlight voices that beckon him to darkness or the love of his friends.

Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

"In Rose of the Alchemist by L.E. Frost, Xavier hasn't been given a chance to really experience life as his grandfather has kept him inside his whole life because of Xavier being half Jardi. He finally gets his chance at freedom when he passes his exams to enter university. Leaving his dreary life behind, his new life offers him the opportunity to apprentice for one of his alchemy teachers, a chance to understand his Jardi gift, and he even catches the eye of the beautiful Edwina.

Frost is specific about the type of characters used at certain points in Xavier's journey, entering his life when he needs them. Through this dynamic, Frost uses each character to drive the other to think about the world and their future differently. The sorcerer is the biggest threat Xavier faces, which drives his arc and helps to push him to uncover his destiny.

Frost excels at character arcs, weaving Xavier's and Meri's journeys together and using each to make the other question their destiny. Rose of the Alchemist is a stunning read full of adventure; a coming of age story about freedom and finding your way with love, friendship, and magic." - 5 STARS from Readers Favorite

Rose of the Alchemist is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Rose of the Alchemist
By L.E. Frost
ISBN: 978-1981492800
Pages: 258
Genre: YA Fantasy

About the Author:
L.E. Frost is a devoted storyteller of YA fantasy who lives in Lake County California in a hundred year old house that is most definitely haunted. She believes the best stories engage the heart with their lovable and interesting characters as they take the reader on a wild ride to new and thrilling adventures.

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