Author And Illustrator Sebastian Schug Discusses The Importance Of Maintaining One's Unique Creative Voice In Publishing

Author And Illustrator Sebastian Schug Discusses The Importance Of Maintaining One's Unique Creative Voice In Publishing

Beginning around the age of ten, and truly as long as Sebastian Schug can remember, he has had an interest in writing and illustration. Schug was just a teenager when his work as an illustrator appeared in a children's book series entitled, "The Adventures of Daniel," written by Schug's current business partner, author Rene Ghazarian. This book was completely illustrated and published by Schug, at the age of fifteen. "The Adventures of Daniel" is a series of thirty children's books, and counting. Each narrative "tackles new morals, ethics, often in a new locale," according to Schug. The children's series began with publication and distribution through AuthorHouse, and then quickly found its way into the distribution channels of major book retailers such as Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, 24Symbols, and Playster, and additional retailer sites as well. The five aforementioned retailers represent the top five retailers in terms of productivity for the children's book "The Adventures of Daniel." The book series is currently available in ebook and paperback format. Paraphrasing Schug, as stated in a recent interview, the series consists of a character named Daniel, who along with his family, his friends and his dog Sparky, they travel the world visiting with new people to explore and enjoy new and unique environments. "Each story while not displaying any clear continuity from one to the next, displays various problems and solutions through the eyes of a six year old, as well as depicting his learning experiences through the help of others within the context of each individual story. Future plans for the children's book series, "The Adventures of Daniel" includes expansion of the foundation of the book, to continue development of an ongoing series within the current context. The Barnes and Noble direct link for the children's series may be found at In addition to illustrating children's books, Schug is a fiction and satirical writer.

"I started writing satire at around the age of 18, in my senior year of highschool," states Schug. Continuing, "Admittedly, these subjects began out of teenage angst, yet it has evolved into a genre for which I have interest and talent. My favorite satirical book from the books which I have published is from my series entitled, Courtesy Jerk," states Schug. "Courtesy Jerk" is published under my pen name, Nicolas Parker." Schug describes the need for utilizing a pen name as a method of "separating certain subjects from one another from an organizational standpoint," yet mostly to have clarity for readers in terms of content. Simply put, Sebastian Schug focuses more on original stories and narratives, while "Nicolas Parker" tackles satire." Readers can find his literary and illustration work in the books Schug has published on Amazon at and on Amazon under his pen name Nicolas Parker at Through Schug's work as an author and as an illustrator, he has had 78 total books published. Seventeen of his published books are under his pen name Nicholas Parker. "I believe I have merged writing and illustration very effectively to be able to switch subject matters on a whim, yet staying true to my artistic style as both a writer and an illustrator. Writing, illustration and my experience assisting other authors to publish their books, it truly goes without saying that I am wholeheartedly doing for a living what I love to do the most," concludes Schug.

Sebastian Schug additionally assists other authors to publish their work. As a publisher Schug discussed "an ongoing search for talent in terms of other aspiring authors, who would like to have their work widely published also." To date, according to Schug, he has assisted ten individual authors, illustrators and narrators to find their niche in the publishing market. "My most favorable aspect of working with authors and through my own work as an author and illustrator is to see projects through to fruition." Concluding, "I do work with authors who work within the context of a variety of genres and who comprise various artistic styles."

Authors wanting to have their work considered for publishing, please contact Sebastian Schug directly through his website at Schug's website is Follow him on Instagram at

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