Arthur Herman's FREEDOM'S FORGE Receives Glenn Beck Endorsement

Arthur Herman's FREEDOM'S FORGE Receives Glenn Beck Endorsement

As articulated by WSJ writer Philip Delves Broughton, "Historians always give the headlines to politicians and generals in times of war. But as Arthur Herman makes clear in FREEDOM'S FORGE—a rambunctious book that is itself alive with the animal spirits of the marketplace—no successful war effort would go anywhere without heroic figures in the civilian world, capable of making ships, tanks, weapons and ammunition more quickly, to higher standards and in greater quantities, than the enemy can". This, perhaps, is the best way to describe Arthur Herman's new book in a concise statement.

Freedom's Forge was recently endorsed by Glenn Beck, live, on his radio program.

Thematically, the story of Freedom's Forge provides the reader a clear, exemplary picture of the genius of American manufacturing. Arguably, at no time was this ingenuity more evident than when the necessity of war production (most namely, for the manufacture of planes and tanks) demanded it, at levels established by Roosevelt himself. When push came to shove, FDR leaned on private industry to work magic, and private industry did not disappoint.

The oft-awkward wedding of private industry with government became an essential matter when the WWII administration had no alternatives but to recruit existing industrialists and their resources to prepare the necessary tools of war. The timeliness of this book's release, perhaps, lies in its relevance to the super-imposition of public (read "Government") initiative overstepping its role to impede the natural, productive juices of private industry. Freedom's Forge exemplifies the beauty of America's passion for free enterprise and the inherent genius of capitalism. Its unparalleled ability to create when left unrestricted by government interference is made fully apparent in Herman's true-life history of this dynamic in action at one of the most pivotal periods in our country's life span.

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