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AN ANGEL TOLD ME SO  A Powerful Book with Messages of Wisdom

“You Are Not Alone” the book assures readers with a collection of teachings.

Today, our world is suffering and some days feels helpless and difficult to attain inner peace when the weight of the world's challenges render us feeling powerless. What if our spirit teachers, or angels, could contact us directly to help us find our way - would you listen?

As the saying goes, when the student is ready a teacher will appear. For the late Wilma Jean Jones, her teachers certainly did appear. An Angel Told Me So reveals the messages and guidance she received directly from the spiritual realm for more than two decades. Her son, Michael McAdams, worked closely with his mother as these messages and teachings were dictated to her and he has lovingly preserved them for spiritual seekers looking for guidance, direction, and support. Readers can absorb the wisdom that Wilma Jean's spirit teachers shared with her and find solace as they walk their chosen paths.

Michael McAdams is an Ohio native. He was born in Cincinnati. He attended and graduated from Monroe Hight School and went to the Miami University of Ohio for a few years, majoring in Systems Analysis. Michael served his country in the Army from 1970-1972 and was stationed overseas in Germany. Michael returned to Ohio where he raised his daughter and continued his Mother's work with the Angels.

"Everyone is spoken too; everyone is able to receive these messages and teaching. This example my mother, Wilma has presented and we've offered to share, allows people to know they can receive messages too. Rather it's going to be on this high of a level or if they start at a little lower level. It's offering them the opportunity to be receptive and to realize that these Angels/Spirit Teachers are here for all of us. As Wilma received so to can other people receive." - Michael McAdams

An Angel Told Me So is the first book in a series of three volumes of messages and teachings dictated through Wilma Jean that offers proof of the existence of a spiritual realm. In sharing these messages, Wilma and Michael hope readers will find divine wisdom and comfort in these teachings and explore a spiritual connection with their own spirit teachers. By connecting with our own spirit teachers/angels we can overcome challenges and truly realize we are not alone.

These spirit teachers, McAdams affirms, found a willing instrument in his mother, Wilma. Her desire was to serve as a conduit for the information she was gifted. She wondered if she might also be able to receive the same type of information and teachings for others that she received for herself and her son. Through these messages Wilma was advised that she would work with and encourage others open to this type of communication, and soon began teaching a series of classes explaining that we all have the innate ability to "tune in" and receive not only for ourselves but for those whom we love.

The messages and teachings received by Wilma Jean appear to be woven with a universal thread that speaks directly to all sincere seekers of truth on a personal level. Each reader feels that they are being addressed as they deal with what is transpiring in their lives. Readers of this material will know that they, too, are being spoken to directly by the spirit teachers/angels inhabiting this realm and that these messages and teachings are intended for their guidance and the advancement of their purpose in this existence.

An Angel Told Me So, with its timely message of hope... helps readers who are seeking the light in dark times.

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