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NOoSPHERE Arts WE ARE NATURE: Solstice Celebration show poster

NOoSPHERE Arts WE ARE NATURE: Solstice Celebration at NOoSPHERE Arts

Dates: (6/22/2024 )




520 Kingsland Avenue
Brooklyn,NY 11222

Phone: (347) 813–1580

Tickets: donation-based

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  3. NOoSPHERE Arts WE ARE NATURE: Solstice Celebration

NOoSPHERE Arts will kick off its outdoor season with music, poetry, dance, and a site-specific art installation. Held in the spectacular, one-of-a-kind setting of wildflower meadows stretching across the roofs of an industrial plant against the iconic backdrop of the NYC skyline, the event will stand as both a celebration of the solstice, summer and the power of arts and community. The Solstice Celebration will be the opening event of NOoSPHERE Arts’ WE ARE NATURE: A Vibrant Tapestry—the fifth iteration of the nonprofit’s annual rooftop series, running from June to October. Each season’s theme references an aspect of systems thinking, an approach to environmental sustainability spearheaded by leading thinker Fritjof Capra, a longtime NOoSPHERE Arts collaborator.

NOoSPHERE Arts' guiding philosophy is the holistic view that sees the world not as a collection of separate objects, but rather as a web of relations between the various parts of a unified whole. Modern physics proves what mystical traditions have always known: all parts of the cosmos are interconnected and everything is in a state of dynamic flow.

The constant flux of nature gives rise to novel and diverse forms. A healthy organism integrates emerging variations without losing balance. In these times of opposing factions at seemingly every turn, it is helpful to remember that a multitude of colors and shapes are needed to make up the rich, resplendent, and resilient tapestry that is life. We are all part of a web in which no part is more fundamental than any other.

Fritjof Capra, says that ecological awareness, at the deepest level, is the intuitive awareness of the oneness of all life, the interdependence of its multiple manifestations, and its cycles of change and transformation. He suggests that spirituality could be defined as the mode of consciousness in which we feel connected to the cosmos as a whole. We now know that whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

The main event will involve an opening ceremony by Daisy B. (founder of Semillas Collective), a poetry rap performance by Fantasy Grandma (written to reflect this season’s theme: A Vibrant Tapestry), a dance act by Artichoke Dance Company, and a solstice themed DJ Set by Assylay Zhamkenova.

In addition, don’t miss the unveiling of Resonant Nature (a sculptural installation devised for the Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof) by the 2024 season's KWBS Residency Award winner Seema Lisa Pandya. Resonant Nature features vertical sculptures that echo nature's vibration patterns, integrating into the rooftop ecosystem with bird perches and insect shelters, designed using the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, and made from sustainable Richlite material.

The event is donation-based and sign-up is available here.

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