BE OUR WITNESS at Backbone Festival

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BE OUR WITNESS at Backbone FestivalDirected by Gina Tay Limpus, Be Our Witness explores the monotony of life and the power of blind faith. The show began with a ritual, in which the audience members were asked their footwear and have their hands washed by the performers in a basin that was later used on stage before being guided to their seats. Throughout the entirety of the performance, the audience was invited to witness six character's personal struggles which included fear of failure, imperfection, ignorance of reality and nostalgia.

I cherished the moments in which the performers embraced the audience and allowed them to bathe in their narrative. It created this almost magical transaction that was constantly happening throughout the performance and it also featured me being offered a slice of cake. Pavle Banovic's music complimented the ambiance of the show, as did Stephen May's lighting which adhered to the idea of 'less means more'.

This show is an innovative representation of the longing of things that are out of our reach and leaves the audience pondering in regards to whether or not what they're longing for should be achieved.

Rating: 4 Stars

Be Our Witness

Directed by Gina Tay Limpus

Devised and performed by Gabe Francis, Rose Nguyen, Nicole Amaya, Lauren Story, Heidi Harrison and Ben Adams

Music by Pavle Banovic

Lighting by Stephen May

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