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Stage Directing by Michael Wainstein

Stage Directing
by Michael Wainstein


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With Stage Directing: A Director's Itinerary, the student of theatrical directing now has a step-by-step guide to directing a production, from choosing a play to opening night. Unlike other directing textbooks, this practical guidebook provides instruction on how to organize the work of the director through the practical challenges of the directorial process (e.g., organizing a budget spreadsheet, writing casting notices, setting up an audition space, etc.). In Stage Directing, the process of directing a production takes the form of twenty-one chapters, which contain helpful examples and tried-and-true exercises, as well as information on how to organize the director’s documents into a director’s production notebook.

Available On:
Stage Directing on Paperback

Publisher: Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co

Released: 2012

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