Doctor Death - by Mark Chandler

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Doctor Death by Mark Chandler Buy Doctor Death on Amazon

Comedy, Full Length Play, 3m, 7f. The author of I Shot My Rich Aunt sets this merry murder on a yacht in the French Riviera. The guests on board discover they are marked for a madman's murderous vengeance when Old Maid cards on which each is named and nastily described arrive. Can the malevolent mastermind be Linda Luscious, Victor Valor, bartender Margarita Martini, steward Queenie Quill, TV hostess Wendy Windy, shy secretary Portia Peck, sleazy Ritchy Raunchy, private eye Harry Hulk, math expert Sibyl Service, wrestler Minnie Mountain, actress Fanny Flop, or aerobics advocate Jillian Jogger? Time is short on the slowly sinking yacht. Can they unmask the fiend? Can they get off the doomed ship? Thrill follows chill in this madcap melodrama of hideous revenge.

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Doctor Death on Paperback Doctor Death on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1991

Buy Doctor Death on Amazon Buy Doctor Death on iTunes



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