NYC Day Trip......12/28

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Broadway Star
NYC Day Trip......12/28#0
Posted: 12/29/05 at 1:36pm
I went into the city yesterday to go see Dog Sees God again with my friends. We went to the matinee and then came uptown to meet my other friend. We wanted to see a night show and almost every show was completely sold out. We didnt end up getting tickets, so we got those tickets to a free comedy club. It was such a fun night. It ended up costing $12 each for the show and drinks. And in addition, I ran into Rob Bartlett and the street and stopped to take a picture with him:) It was a great day! Dog Sees God was just as funny as the first time. The cast is so nice too and made sure they signed for everyone and took a picture. I am going again january 6th for the 3rd time. Can't wait!