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PBS/NY13 NYVoices:Public at 50

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PBS/NY13 NYVoices:Public at 50#0
Posted: 10/29/05 at 2:11am
Not sure if this has been posted, and if it has, please ignore me...

On New York Voices on PBS they are featuring The Public Theatre @ 50. They are showing clips of shows and interviews with performers and directors, etc from the last 50 years. Very interesting to see the culture embedded in the history of this theatre. It is very current, right up to See What I Wanna See. Just in case anyone was interested. PBS/NY13 NYVoices:Public at 50
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re: PBS/NY13 NYVoices:Public at 50#1
Posted: 10/29/05 at 8:56am
I caught the very end of it, in time to see some Caroline Clips and some stuff from See What I Wanna See rehearsal. I was hoping to see some stuff from The Normal Heart (either the original or the revival) but I didn't get that lucky. Did they show it? They mentioned that play, and Angels in America (though not performed at the Public) in passing.
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re: PBS/NY13 NYVoices:Public at 50#2
Posted: 10/29/05 at 11:09am
O no! I missed the second installment! (I taped the first.) Hopefully, they'll replay it soon again. Apparently, they did at 6:30 this morning.
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