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Today's Birthdays 11/2

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Broadway Legend
Today's Birthdays 11/2#0
Posted: 11/1/03 at 8:47pm
Daniel Boone 11/2/1734 - 9/26/1820 - frontiersman, explorer; captured and adopted by Shawnee Indians as Big Turtle; captured by British; source mat'l - tv's Daniel Boone

Alice Brady 11/02/1892 - Oct 28, 1939 performer - A Month in the Country (George Brent, Glenda Farrell); orig Mourning Becomes Electra (Alla Nazimova); film's The Gay Divorcee; Three Smart Girls; Go West, Young Man; My Man Godfrey; 100 Men and A Girl

Dennis King 11/02/1897 - May 21, 1971 prod., performer, Father of John Michael King - orig Rose-Marie (Mary Ellis); A Doll's House (Ruth Gordon, Sam Jaffe, Paul Lukas); I Married an Angel (Vivienne Segal, Vera Zorina, Walter Slezak); orig Billy Budd (James Daly); Shangri-La (Jack Cassidy, Alice Ghostley, Harold Lang, Carol Lawrence)

Paul Ford 11/02/1901 - Apr 12, 1976 performer - Kiss Them for Me (Judy Holliday, Richard Widmark); The Teahouse of the August Moon; Whoop-Up; Three Men on a Horse (Jack Gilford, Sam Levene, Dorothy Loudon, Butterfly McQueen, Hal Lindon); Fun City (Rose Marie, Joan Rivers, Louis Zorich); Best known as "Colonel Hall" on the television show "Sgt. Bilko" with Phil Silvers

Burt Lancaster 11/02/1913 - Oct 20, 1994 performer, circus acrobat - A Sound of Hunting (Sam Levene); film's Academy Award-winning actor: Elmer Gantry, [1960]; Trapeze, From Here to Eternity, The Bird Man of Alcatraz, Atlantic City, The Rainmaker, The Rose Tattoo, Tough Guys, Airport, Come Back Little Sheba, Gunfight at the OK Corral, Judgment at Nuremberg; my favs: The Flame & the Arrow; The Killers; The Crimson Pirate; Sweet Smell of Success

John Newton 11/02/1925 performer - orig Peter Pan (Mary Martin, Cyril Ritchard); Sextet (Dixie Carter); First Monday in October (Jane Alexander, Henry Fonda); Fortune's Fool (Alan Bates, Frank Langella, Benedick Bates)

Stefanie Powers 11/2/1942 performer - tv's & film's Hart to Hart, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., McClintock!, Die! Die! My Darling, Herbie Rides Again, The Interns

Casey Donovan 11/02/1943 - Aug 10, 1987 performer - 1972 Captain Brassbound's Conversion (Ingrid Bergman, Ben Masters); The Ritz (Pi Douglass, Dolores Wilson)


1915 Opening night at the Princess Theatre for Harold Brighouse's popular comedy Hobson's Choice, about a man who bars his daughters from marrying so he won't have to pay dowries. It runs 135 performances and is filmed at least three times.

1921 Eugene O'Neill's Anna Christie, starring Pauline Lord and George Marion, opens tonight at the Vanderbilt Theatre. Critics check their high praise for the show with reservations about the play's "happy ending," suggesting that O'Neill is making concessions to commercial theatre. O'Neill considers the show "a failure," but it will run for 177 performances and will win the author his second Pulitzer Prize.

1937 George M. Cohan stars in the Rodgers and Hart musical I'd Rather Be Right, which opens tonight at the Alvin Theatre. Cohan stars as a man he hates, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The book, written by Hart and George S. Kaufman, follows Roosevelt's attempts to balance the budget in order to finance a young couple's wedding. The show will run for nine months, with the first of those having Cohan in a leg cast.

1961 Alfred Drake stars as master actor Edmund Kean in the Wright & Forrest musical, Kean, which opens tonight at the Broadway Theatre, and closes just 92 performances later.

1971 Barbara Cook makes her final (so far!) appearance in a Broadway book musical in the Truman Capote tuner The Grass Harp, also featuring Karen Morrow, Max Showalter and Russ Thacker. It runs just 7 performances at the Martin Beck Theatre, but the cast album of the charming Claibe Richardson/Kenward Elmslie score lifts it to minor cult status.

1989 A splashy stage adaptation of the movie musical Meet Me in St. Louis opens at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway tonight with Betty Garrett, George Hearn and Donna Kane (in the role originated on film by Judy Garland). It runs 252 performances.


1950 George Bernard Shaw dies today. The Irish born playwright and critic was 94 years old. Shaw will be remembered for his contributions to the theatre through his plays Pygmalion, Major Barbara and Saint Joan.

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