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Golden Globes 2019 Awards Live on NBC

Vincent Harolds
Golden Globes 2019 Awards Live on NBC#1
Posted: 1/2/18 at 12:17pm

NBC will be airing the Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Sunday. Early birds will also see the red carpet arrivals of your favorite stars.

Watch here: Golden Globe Awards 2020 Live Stream.

The first awards ceremony for films and television of the year takes place this Sunday: the Golden Globes 2019, an edition in which interpreters from multiple generations will compete for the statuette that, for many, is a thermometer for the Oscar.

Among the nominees to the Golden Globes for cinema highlights Meryl Streep, who competes as Best Actress for her role in "The Post". There he plays Katharine Graham, president of The Washington Post during the revelation of the "Pentagon Papers" case, which put the middle in collision with President Richard Nixon.

Jessica Chastain, nominated for "Molly's Game", competes in the same category based on the real story of the woman who led the largest clandestine gambling empire, an exclusive circle of actors, models, athletes and businessmen that fell apart.

On the side of the candidates for Best Musical or Comedy Actress, this could be the opportunity for Emma Stone to take her second statuette thanks to "Battle of the Sexes", based on the famous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

In the case of Golden Globes 2019 for Best Supporting Actress, Octavia Spencer stands out for "The Shape of Water", where is Zelda, a janitor who contributes to the plan to save an amphibious humanoid victim of experiments.

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Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Golden Globes 2018 Awards Live on NBC#2
Posted: 1/2/18 at 1:29pm

Who will wear the best black dress?  And whoever doesn't comply will have to spend the night with Harvey.

Updated On: 1/2/18 at 01:29 PM
Golden Globes 2018 Awards Live on NBC#3
Posted: 8/14/19 at 9:24am

Luckily it's not the dress being defining factor in getting this award. At the same time designers deserve some glory too.

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