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BWW Blog: Live Reacting to the 2020 Tony Award Nominations

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Okay here we go now. I have twitter open on one screen and the noms open on another. 

Hello BroadwayWorld.

Today I am going to be live reacting to the 2020 Tony nominations. Before I begin, I just wanted to start off by discussing my frustrations. I personally believe that every single penny that is going towards these awards should be going to the near 100% of theatre workers who don't have a source of income right now. (Also there isn't a date set for the actual award show this year so hopefully that will be revealed in the next couple minutes???) That being said, I am so excited to see some of these insane shows and performers get the recognition they deserve!!! Also I must state that yes I am in my politics class right now, I am sorry Professor. I am going to be a little distracted for the next few minutes.

Okay here we go now. I have twitter open on one screen and the noms open on another.

Omg KING James Monroe Iglehart is such a king, you swish that Tony. I would flex it every damn day. I want all of those posters in his apartment.

Okay why am I crying at this fear speech.

C'mon I just wanna know.



(these are highlights and things and feelings)

Best play

THE INHERITANCE NATION RISE (if you know me, I haven't shut up about this show my last one before the shutdown my heart)


BEST MUSICAL why so I think that this is going to be like this for the entirety of the noms, like I am fine with it just being those 3, we shall see

The fact that the best original score is just plays.... I mean it makes sense cause none of the musicals scores were actually original scores. It is just very funny.

BEST DIRECTION PLAY okay sir yes but why is it just men. I honestly don't know if there were any female directors this season but still. Where are the WOMEN.

BEST DIRECTION MUSICAL okay we have some women in the house!!! Diane Paulus is simply a chef's kiss. The fact that there are more female nominees than men in musicals makes my heart happy. (Yes there are only 2 women and 1 man but STILL a victory!!!)

CHOREO if Moulin Rouge doesn't win best choreography.... I might lose it. Like yes love Jagged and Tina but like Backstage Romance, El Tango De Roxanne... those should speak for themselves.


Joaquina Kalukango nation rise up. I am so damn excited that this INCREDIBLE woman is nominated and honestly, I am rooting for her (as is a lot of twitter). Audra, congrats on your 10876237th nom love that. Okay Laura Linney!! Mary Louise Parker OKAAAY Amy Gardner!!! You did good, girl! (Side note, I am so excited to watch the West Wing "When we All Vote" tonight WOW)

ACTOR PLAY I love the Marvel men getting their love. Also Andrew Burnap gave a performance in the Inheritance that I simply haven't stopped thinking about.

ACTRESS MUSICAL. I love women. Wow

ACTOR MUSICAL. Guys. I can't breathe. I'm so

FEATURED ACTRESS PLAY the fact that Chalia La Tour and Annie McNamara both got nominated for Slave Play makes my heart so happy. And Lois Smith in Inheritance like you are doing great sweetie.

FEATURED ACTOR PLAY I also love MEN so much going on right here. 2 for Slave Play and 2 for Inheritance. I just am so happy for both plays I love them so much and am so passionate about them I am so happy they are both getting so much love (also yes for soldiers play)

FEATURED ACTRESS MUSICAL. I have so many emotions right now about this category. The phrase "tony award nominee Kathryn Gallagher" exists in the world is just so good. Robyn Hurder gives a performance in Moulin Rouge that I can only dream of having a fraction of confidence that woman has.

FEATURED ACTOR I am just so happy for Danny Burstein. The fact that he hasn't won a Tony award is just criminal. And damn, his performance in Moulin Rouge is top tier and I'm just over the moon with excitement for this man.

WHAT A DAY. I feel like it's been an hour. It has only been 10 minutes but WOW what a day. I'm so happy that so many people are going to truly have their moment to shine in this crazy world right now. I'm so grateful for this theatre community. I'm still quite confused about the fact that there isn't an actual set date for the award show. Hopefully we will get that date soon, something to look forward to. And I hope that during said broadcast, wherever it may be, I hope it sets to raise money for the Actors Fund and organizations to help support the theatre community during this time.

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