Peggy Sue Dunigan

Peggy Sue Dunigan Peggy Sue Dunigan earned a BA in Fine Art, a MA in English and then finished with a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Fiction from Pine Manor College, Massachusetts. Currently she independently writes for multiple publications on the culinary, performance and visual arts or works on her own writing projects while also teaching college English and Research Writing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her other creative energy emerges by baking cakes and provincial sweets from vintage recipes so when in the kitchen, at her desk, either drawing or writing, or enjoying evenings at any and all theaters, she strives to provide satisfying memories for the body and soul.


BWW Review: CTC's CIRCUS ABYSSINiA Captures Audiences DreamsBWW Review: CTC's CIRCUS ABYSSINiA Captures Audiences Dreams
Posted: Oct. 3, 2019


BWW Review: MN Opera's Memorable THE FIX Composes Requiem for the American DreamBWW Review: MN Opera's Memorable THE FIX Composes Requiem for the American Dream
Posted: Mar. 20, 2019

BWW Review: MN Opera Portrays Sacrifices for Love in Magnificent LA TRAVIATABWW Review: MN Opera Portrays Sacrifices for Love in Magnificent LA TRAVIATA
Posted: May. 10, 2019

BWW Review: Guthrie's AS YOU LIKE IT Promises Hip Hop Lovers' Trysts in the ForestBWW Review: Guthrie's AS YOU LIKE IT Promises Hip Hop Lovers' Trysts in the Forest
Posted: Feb. 19, 2019

BWW Reviews: Minnesota Opera's Pulitzer Prize SILENT NIGHT Profoundly Speaks to Peace on EarthBWW Reviews: Minnesota Opera's Pulitzer Prize SILENT NIGHT Profoundly Speaks to Peace on Earth
Posted: Nov. 13, 2018

BWW Review: Fanciful PRANCER at Lyric Arts Warms Hearts Through Magical BeliefBWW Review: Fanciful PRANCER at Lyric Arts Warms Hearts Through Magical Belief
Posted: Dec. 9, 2018

BWW Review: CTC'S Imaginative Fairy Tale SNOW WHITE Charms Audiences
October 16, 2019

a?oeLips as red as blood. Hair as black as tree bark. Heart as pure as driven snow.a?? These vivid characteristics describe the famous princess Snow White. In an innovative retelling of Snow White from Children's Theatre Company (CTC) adapted and directed by Britian's Greg Banks, this Snow White follows more closely the original Grimm Brothers version as opposed to the Walt Disney animated story people have known, or grown to know from film.. a?oeSnow White and the Seven Dwarfsa?? became the company's first animated film in 1937, a huge accomplishment. How has the culture and social fiber changed since the 1930's and what does CTC's fairy tale Snow White say to audiences today?

BWW Review: CTC's CIRCUS ABYSSINiA Captures Audiences Dreams
October 3, 2019

Wow! When two brothers from East Africa dream their childhood dreams they imagine an Abyssinian circus. The Tesfamarian brothers, Bichu and Bibi, magical, marvelous circus arrives at the Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company (CTC) by way of Ethiopian culture, a country previously titled Abyssinia. In a traveling production performed worldwide, CTC Artistic Director Peter C. Ambrosius arranged for Circus Abyssinia: Ethopian Dreams to dazzle the Twin Cities. Created and produced by the two Tesamarian brothers, the circus also collaborates with Writer Cal MC Crystal and Choreographer Kate Smith to transfix the audience on the amazing 19 member cast.

BWW Review: Lyric Arts' Meteoric BRIGHT STAR Illuminates Humankind's Frailties through Bluegrass Melodies
September 13, 2019

An arresting artistic light shines over Lyric Arts in September, 2019. To begin their fall season,  Anoka's enterprising theater company produces on the Main Stage Theater, Bright Star--- a 2016 award winning musical by the creative genius of Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. These two talents captured an interpretation of their Grammy Award winning album 'Love Has Come For You'  in their engaging production set in North Carolina through flashbacks beginning in 1945 that returns to  the early1920's. Lively compositions featuring bluegrass melodies enrapture the audience, while the musical's Southern ambiance and characters bring this uniquely American musical genre to stage life in one memorable and mesmerizing evening.

BWW Review: Lyric Arts' Grand LEGALLY BLONDE Perfects the Goal 'She Persisted'
July 22, 2019

On the anniversary the film's debut (July 13, 2001) Lyric Arts at the Main Stage Theater stages a charming production of Legally Blonde: The Musical  This flirty, fun and fabulous production that debuted in 2007 gives the audience Woods, (comma) Elle, a college coed who loves pink and aspires to attend Harvard Law School in the pursuit of true love. For those fans of Elle, Amanda Brown's original novel was actually submitted on pink paper, and the theme continues throughout the show. With music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Neil Benjamin accompanied by Heather Hach's book, the score features numerous Delta Nu sorority sisters, a Greek chorus, a hair dresser confidante and Ellle's famous pooch, Bruiser Woods, housed in a shocking pink carry all. 

BWW Review: Fifty's Nostalgia Sparks Satire in Interact's HOT DOG DAZE
July 19, 2019

ake a trip back to the 50's on these summer nights and days at Interact Theater's beguiling Hot Dog Daze. Minneapolis's unique theater company offers 'radical inclusivity' for the 40 plus cast members alone with familiar nods to past MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) telethons, bomb shelters and beat poetry. If these themes appear radically unlikely. or strange 'script fellows,' Directors James Lekatz and Heather Bunch working at the The Lab Theater present fifty fun minutes of melodies and merriment complete with a live band comprised of four talented musicians.

BWW Review: Lyric Arts' Outstanding A RAISIN IN THE SUN Honors Deferred American Dreams
June 3, 2019

Poet Langston Hughes questions in 1951 through his poem "Harlem;" What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" The legendary poem inspired Lorraine Hansbury to write the award winning drama A Raisin in the Sun eight years later. In 1959, Hansberry became the first African American women to have her play produced at New York's Barrymore Broadway theater in an era when women in general, regardless of ethnicity, were published. Opening in '59 with a primarily African American cast, the play heralded a dramatic change for theater audience in years to come. At Anoka's Main Stage Theater, Lyric Arts presents an outstanding revised thirteenth anniversary production of the play directed by Austene Van, which features a stellar cast, two tiered set designed by Peter Lerohl and lighting designed by Matt McNabb.

BWW Review: CTC Thrills with Production of Roald Dahl's MATILDA THE MUSICAL
May 14, 2019

Might children appear to be called maggots or miracles? What type of question could that possibly be? The famous British young adult author, Roald Dahl, fills his pages with chill and thrill inducing scenes that empower children to take themselves seriously and asks that very question of his readers. On the first May weekend, Minneapolis' Children's Theatre Company (CTC) opened a production that began in London and then travelled to Broadway in their opening of Matilda the Musical, an adaptation of Roald Dahl's famous 1988 young adult novel.

BWW Review: MN Opera Portrays Sacrifices for Love in Magnificent LA TRAVIATA
May 10, 2019

Opening on the past Saturday night at the Ordway Center, MN Opera staged a magnificent production of Giuseppe Verdi's 1853 Opera La Traviata. Verdi's breathtaking love and death opera accompanied by Francesco Maria Piave's libretto was adapted after Alexander Dumas' 'Lady of the Camellias' or 'La Dame aux Camelias. In Verdi's reimagining of the Dumas novel, his music showcases the prodigious talents and voice of the protagonist, Violetta. For the company's opening night, Nicole Cabel masterfully sang the challenging operatic role.

BWW Review: Anoka's Lyric Arts Gifts Audiences Elegant and Evocative EVITA
March 26, 2019

Was Eva Peron a saint or sinner, or perhaps merely an incredibly determined woman who changed the face of Argentinian politics? In an elegant stage presentation of the award winning Evita, Lyric Arts on the Main Street Stage delivered a theatrical jewel to their audiences this past weekend. Andrew Lloyd Webber's music and Tim Rice's book and lyrics garnered Drama Desk and Tony Awards to became the first British musical to win the prestigious award of Best Musical in 1979. Inspiration for the production came from Mary Martin's biography 'Evita: The Women with the Whip' and forged the basis for the Webber/Rice collaboration with contemporary themes that resonate in the 21st century. Political upheaval in South America and other world regimes rock the globe in current news headlines, where revisiting Evita gives audiences a forum to contemplate these cultural concerns.

BWW Interview: Grand Adventures Behind the Scenes in Greg Banks' World Premiere THE HOBBIT at CTC
March 22, 2019

Accept an invitation to a grand adventure when Children's Theatre Company (CTC) of Minneapolis produces a condensed, world premiere version of J.R.R, Tolkien's "The Hobbit." The popular novel, which happens to be a best selling children's book of all time, has remained in print since being published in 1937. This classic, literary legend will be transformed by British actor, director and playwright Greg Banks, who travelled from his home in the Cotswolds, England, just north of Bath, to frigid and then spring-like Minnesota so he could direct the production. From his cozy, Cotswolds environment, Banks' renown hails from rewriting literary classics into a condensed version where the story shines, especially in theater for young audiences.

BWW Review: CTC Spectacular Style Inhabits Superlative World Premiere THE HOBBIT
March 21, 2019

On a middle of the month March weekend, Children's Theatre Company (CTC) of Minneapolis on the United Health Group Stage, offered their audiences a Middle Earth journey when they presented the World Premiere The Hobbit.  Based on one of J.R.R. Tolkien's bestselling novels, the British actor, director and playwright Greg Banks adapted and then directed the production, which featured an original musical score by fellow Brit Tom Johnson. The classic story of Middle Earth Dwarves reclaiming their culture and treasure stolen form them by a fire breathing creature imagines adventure and exhilaration galore, enough to last an entire evening and long after the actors leave the stage.

BWW Review: MN Opera's Memorable THE FIX Composes Requiem for the American Dream
March 20, 2019

This past weekend at the Ordway Center, MN Opera unveiled their World Premiere The Fix in tribute to the All-American sport and spirt of baseball. The story created through the company's New Works Initiative by Eric Simonson, who wrote the libretto and also directed the production, was accompanied by composer Joel Puckett. With glowing nostalgia, the 1919 White Sox under Charles Comiskey's ownership and headed by baseball great Shoeless Joe Jackson, sought to 'fix' the 1919 World Series, which disappointed baseball fans across America.

BWW Review: Lyric Arts Presents Enchanting Feminine Powered SENSE & SENSIBILITY
February 25, 2019

Anoka's Lyric Arts in the Main Stage Theater reprises a 200 year old tradition when the company stages Jane Austen's famous bestselling novel Sense & Sensibility--For the company's recent production, which opened on a February weekend, Director Natalie Novacek choose an adaptation by actor/playwright Kate Hamill, whom the Wall Street Journal awarded  Playwright of the Year in 2017. Known for her contemporary takes on classical novels, Hamill channels Austin's spirit by incorporating forty percent of her original text, and invokes sixty percent of Hamill's innovation to create the hybrid script. This method abridges the lengthy literary novel  and allows for immense interpretation where audiences will ultimately benefit and enjoy.

BWW Review: Guthrie's AS YOU LIKE IT Promises Hip Hop Lovers' Trysts in the Forest
February 19, 2019

Deep into the Minneapolis midwinter ice and snow, book a ticket for the Guthrie's As You Like It on the Wurtele Thrust Stage and travel to the forest. William Shakespeare's tribute to the delights and folly of love. Set in the Forest of Ardenne, the evening promises a brief respite to city life in this playful and complex comedy set in contemporary times under the debut Guthrie direction of Lavina Jadhwani.

BWW Review: CTC Creates Magic this Midwinter in THE BIGGEST LITTLE HOUSE IN THE FOREST
February 18, 2019

Riding a bicycle into the  theater, similar to a charming pied piper, Autumn Ness, rings a bell to call the tiny tot audience into the Gargill Studio at Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis. In CTC'S production,The Biggest Little House in the Forest, a play adapted from the picture book by Dijemma Bider, Ness invites her audience in while saying 'Winter's outside, but it's spring in the theatre.'

BWW Commentary: Ponder THE GREAT LEAP From Sports to Politics at the Guthrie's Proscenium Stage
January 29, 2019

The Guthrie''s Proscenium Stage recently opened a production of The Great Leap, where playwright Lauren Yee envisions two basketball games between the United States and China through two university teams: San Francisco University (SFU) and Beijing University. One of the play's premises asserts that the SFU coach, Saul, claimed to the Beijing coach Wen Chang at the first 1971 game: "No Chinese team will ever beat a US. basketball team." 

BWW Review: Love and Laughter Warms MN Opera's Luscious THE ITALIAN STRAW HAT
January 29, 2019

n the midst of a polar vortex this winter, MN Opera sends an early valentine filled with warmth to the Twin Cities in their production The Italian Straw Hat at the Ordway Center's Orchestra Hall. This comic Italian opera set in 1950's Paris plays similar to a French farce while sung in Italian and accompanied with English subtitles. Composed and written by Nino Rota and his wife Ernesta, the composer earned accolades for his film scores written for Federico Fellini, and "The Godfather," both the first and second versions. In this opera, Rota's mid-century comedy, a groom's horse eats an expensive straw hat on the morning of his wedding day while his father in law's patent leather shoes fit too tight. Sound extraordinary? Yes, all is wondrous mayhem as this Parisian wedding spins out of control and delightful events happen on stage throughout this enchanting opera.

BWW Review: 'I've Got the Chills' For CTC'S Charming MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS
January 23, 2019

In the depths of Minnesota's January cold, Children's Theatre Company (CTC) presents a story based on a town in England, with a name similar to one outside of Minneapolis, Stillwater. Here, the musical adapted from the 1938 Newbury Honor Book 'Mr. Popper's Penguins.' comes to life under Director Emma Earle. While the entire musical originally premiered through Pins and Needles Productions, Bristol, UK, CTC transports its cast and crew to the Minneapolis stage though numerous charming evenings and afternoons to savor.

BWW Review: Lyric Arts' DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE Carries Audiences into Technology's Future
January 22, 2019

Lyric Arts' latest selection, Sarah Ruhl's "Dead Man's Cell Phone," prophetically speaks to the Iphone or smart phone's debut in 2007.  Steve Jobs of Apple Inc heralded the first iPhone in January, 2007, with its release to the public in June, 2007---the same year  Ruhl's premiered her surrealistic play in June, 2007. With the advent of the iPhone, the first touch screens and apps that could be automatically downloaded to your phone brought innovative technology to communications.

BWW Review: Fanciful PRANCER at Lyric Arts Warms Hearts Through Magical Belief
December 9, 2018

Who believes in flying reindeer-Dasher, Dancer and Prancer? One of the seasonal productions on stage at Anoka's Lyric Arts  Main Street Stage titled 'Prancer' had its beginnings in a 1989 Canadian American film written by Greg Taylor. Eventually, Seattle Children's Theatre and Children's Theatre Company Minneapolis commissioned the film for a play in 2016--Th dramatic and charming holiday selection speaks to what does a person, or those in the audience, believe int? Do they believe in magic, even the unseen that requires faith to believe in?