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Judene Edgar

Judene Edgar Judene has a varied writing background incorporating everything from public relations, print and online media to strategy, policy and white papers. She has previously worked as a reporter and currently facilitates graduate and post-graduate communications papers at the Southern Institute of Technology.

Debuting on stage in improvisation, Judene has since branched out into musical theatre, comedy and historical dramas as well as being an MC. She has also worked behind-the-scenes as a theatre producer, marketing manager, event organiser, and hosted numerous radio shows.

Judene enjoys a wide range of theatre genres and artistic mediums and believes that the arts and creativity are integral and inseparable parts of what it is to be human. While she has some “traditional” favourites such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Sound of Music, she also enjoys the creativity and diversity of fringe festivals and long-form improvisation as well as newer musicals such as Hamilton and That Bloody Woman that present and challenge history.

You can find out more about Judene and follow her work at:




BWW Previews: DRACULA: THE BLOODY TRUTH at Theatre Royal Nelson
June 11, 2019

Outraged by the release of the novel 'Dracula' just three years ago in 1897, Professor Abraham van Helsing presents a 'public information seminar' to warn us about dangers of the notorious vampire and how to defeat him.

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April 15, 2019

The Jungle Book is the second half of a double-feature, along with The Aristocats, presented by Nelson Youth Theatre. The two shows are about 40 minutes long each, with an interval between them, which makes it an ideal outing for young children.

BWW Review: THE ARISTOCATS KIDS at Theatre Royal Nelson
April 15, 2019

A packed and appreciative house of pre-schoolers and primary school-aged children along with parents and grandparents, enjoyed the opening performance of The Aristocats on Monday, April 15 by 'Team A'.

April 14, 2019

A beautiful and moving story that connects with history and the people

BWW Review: THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY at Ghost Light Theatre, Nelson
March 11, 2019

Pete Coates masterfully portrays all 20 characters in Giles Burton's adaptation of G K Chesterton's 1908 spy thriller 'The Man who was Thursday'.