Guest Blogger: Christina Bianco

Guest Blogger: Christina Bianco Christina Bianco is exclusively guest-blogging for BWW:UK on her trip to Britain this May! She is performing in 'Party Of One' at The Hippodrome in May!



Christina Bianco Reviews: HAMLET, Starring Benedict CumberbatchChristina Bianco Reviews: HAMLET, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch
August 30, 2015

One year ago, I was 2,682nd in an online queue to purchasetickets for The Barbican Theatre's 'Hamlet.' Of course, it isnow common knowledge that the entire three-month runcompletely sold out in less than fourhours, so I count myself verylucky to have snagged seats.

Christina Bianco's Blog: Before I Sit On My Suitcase...Christina Bianco's Blog: Before I Sit On My Suitcase...
May 29, 2015

The dust has settled after my Hippodrome shows and I can finally write a proper blogentry!

Christina's UK Tour: Back To London...And ExhaustedChristina's UK Tour: Back To London...And Exhausted
May 6, 2015

Christina's back in London on Star Wars Day...and she's very, very tired.

Blog: Christina Bianco Is Scotland-Bound!Blog: Christina Bianco Is Scotland-Bound!
April 23, 2015

I am on my way back to the UK and happily writing this blog from the plane! Somehow, I'malways travelling to the UK on an overnight flight, right after finishing another gig. This meansthat I am over-excited, over-tired and yet, not sleeping. How on earth I am going to stay awakeduring my five-hour layover in Dublin? As tempting as it is to spend it drinking pints of Guinness, Ido need to take care of my voice. After all, I am headed to Aberdeen for my run through and firstperformance of 'Tonight From The West End' with Kerry Ellis and Adam Garcia.

Christina Bianco's Blog: Excitement And ExhaustionChristina Bianco's Blog: Excitement And Exhaustion
June 2, 2014

OK. I remember loud music, bright lights, cheering audiences, lots of tea and chilly ocean breezes. I'll have to get some serious sleep before I can focus on any particular details for you. Despite my best efforts to be practical, I got overexcited like I always do and jammed a little too much into this trip. The cost? Temporary memory loss and extreme exhaustion.

Christina Bianco's Blog: Musings From The SkyChristina Bianco's Blog: Musings From The Sky
May 20, 2014

I'm currently on my way to London and I can hardly contain my excitement! I begin my journey and my blog from the plane, which is actually quite a bad idea since I should be sleeping instead of typing, as to not be a jet lagged zombie when I land in the morning. I also probably shouldn't have had that glass of wine the flight steward offered, as it can dry the vocal I'm off to a good start!